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  • (Awesome) Sauce

    After reading through Whiskey's buffalo sauce thread, I decided to post something that I had been wondering about for a while.
    What is your favourite sauce/condiment? What sauces work well with some meals but don't with others? Do you know any good recipes for making different sauces or do you have a preferred brand?

    Personally, I'm not a big ketchup person (it's too sweet for me), but I do love spicy tomato sauce, especially on burgers, hot dogs and bacon sandwiches. As far as steak is concerned, peppercorn sauce is the way to go.

    So, yeah. What does TG like to add that extra something?
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    Re: (Awesome) Sauce

    Barbecue/Chili sauce. I still suspect it's nearly completely made of awesome.


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      Re: (Awesome) Sauce

      I cook a lot of vegetarian curries and use Patak's curry pastes, lovely !


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        Re: (Awesome) Sauce

        1. Red Chile sauce (made specifically with New Mexico chiles - yeah, I'm biased =P)
        2. Mayonnaise
        3. Homemade Alfredo Sauce


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          Re: (Awesome) Sauce

          Well. I fell like I am in my element in this thread.

          My favourite sauce is BBQ sauce. It's luurrrvly...try the BBQ Pizza at Frankie and Benny's if anybody lives near one, you won't regret it!

          I actually cannot stand mustard, it's horrible. In fact it is perhaps ironic that it is the only sauce, other than Mayo, that I cannot stand. Why I use it in my name is for another day. It truly is disgusting.

          But yeah, BBQ sauce = Win. Ketchup is okay, depends what I have it with really.
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            Re: (Awesome) Sauce

            Hm, I've got to break down my favorites list by food type:

            French Fries - Buttermilk Ranch

            On a sandwich - Inglehoffer cream style Horseradish sauce

            On a cheeseburger - Mayonaisse

            And when I grill chicken breasts, I have my own recipe marinade that I created that is AWESOME!!!!!!! After I got it right and wrote it in my recipe book, my wife re-titled it 'Unbelievable Chicken'. LOL
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              Re: (Awesome) Sauce

              I'm a mustard fan. All kinds really, I use it or something made from it as much as possible. I'm a big fan of the spicy varieties. I make my own mustard base BBQ sauce as it's not quite as common in stores. Great now I want to fire up the smoker and cook some pork.
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                Re: (Awesome) Sauce

                Mayo's my favorite.

                Recently I've started making a "shredded tomato dressing" for my salad. I buy some grape tomatoes, run them through my hand-crank salsa chopper (like a food processor) for a very coarse chop, to sliver up the tomatoes, and then stir in a bunch of mayo. The juice makes the resulting sauce the right consistency to pour over salad from one of those lettuce variety bags in the produce aisle.

                For sandwiches, mayo, dijon mustard, and that fine Inglehoffer horseradish. The hotter Beaver brand horseradish is also good. (Inglehoffer is actually Beaver's high-end brand.)

                For hot dogs, brown mustard. Gulden's is good, or I'll just use the store brand. But never yellow. Yellow's ok for the yolk mixture of deviled eggs, along with a bit of Miracle Slop.

                For burgers, Miracle Slop and a dab of brown mustard and a dab of catsup. (And lots of blue cheese.)

                For fish, my mood changes from tartar sauce to lemon juice to malt vinegar.

                For sub sandwiches, Thousand Island dressing.
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