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  • Profile posts are Public access!

    Ever since Apophis put in the new profile system, we been able to post messages in each others profiles. Its just another parts of a communications systems we have here. The most importent fact is this system is public. Everyone from the registered user to non-login guest can view these messages.

    As an admin, I get more than enough posts about serious questions, private data, and even ban appeals in this public area. I know that the "new guys" wont read this, but the issue is myself and others are getting messages from people whom been here quite some time now. Some of these posts should be asked in private messages (PMs).

    Please, make an effort to make people aware of this in your game divisions. If you recieve content here that you feel isn't aduquite for public view, please used the report post function so we can inform these people of proper use of profile posts.

    Thanks guys :)
    The soldier formerly known as, Eroak.

    From the TG Primer: 2) Create an environment where there is
    mutual respect for your fellow gamers
    and where all members
    would be working together to advance the enjoyment of their hobby.
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