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So who remembers me?

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  • So who remembers me?

    A lot of new faces on TG. Was kind of surprised my forum log-in worked since the last time I was here was in '06. Yeah, its been too damn long.

    For those of you who don't know me. I was a member of TG. I went by many names, _Ender_, R_A^V^E_N-X, X-Raven. I am sure there is more, I just can't remember all of them.

    I see Paul is still here, of course. Cing is still around. Who else from old N42 is still here?

    Well I just wanted to say "Hi", and see how the place was doing. The place looks amazing. You guys put a lot of work into it, and it shows. Wished I was here for it all.

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    Re: So who remembers me?

    Huh? My memory is a bit foggy.

    Maybe if you didn't wait three years to check back in, I might remember you....

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      Re: So who remembers me?

      Well I don't remember you and you again were likely before my join date here.

      Anywho, welcome back!

      Cingy is (hopefully) just being funny. I'm sure he still remembers you...;)
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        Re: So who remembers me?

        Yeah bro. I was waaay before you. It was back when we just had CS server and -= Vicious =- owned on it nightly.

        Cingy is just being funny. He better remember me, we were in the same clan for 2 years :P

        It saddens me that -= CV =- doesn't have any more active members. What the hell happen to everybody man? -sigh- I guess even the good die young..

        Don't worry man. It wont be 3 years again before I poke my head back in. I will be around here and there. Mostly on the 360 board though. Seems as though it needs some life.


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          Re: So who remembers me?

          I remember you as Raven.
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