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    Hello everyone,i have been thinking lately and i have been playing games for a very long time. (my whole life), and i see most people have a hardtime keeping up in the Computer Gaming World (CGW). i have been thinking about Starting a business,like alienware,iBUYPOWER and other Companys that make Gaming Systems. i was mostly wanting some more advice from the Gaming World on what i should call my company,

    Our goal:
    Is to bring you gaming Computers based on your budget
    that are good and stable running systems,all of our computers will be built from the ground up for you. so please take you time and give me and my team some advice?

    Please as soon as you guys help me,the sooner i can get it started
    i thank you all for your time reading this

    Names i have came up with so far:
    Tainted Computers
    Team Kira Systems (TKS)
    Kira Systems

    My favorite one's are TKS and kira systems?
    Any advice and help would be wonderful

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    Re: Gaming Systems

    Can you beat their prices with the same components while offering the same warranty?


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      Re: Gaming Systems

      As far as the names go I'd avoid Tainted Computers. Tainted has a pretty negative connotation that I don't think you'd want to associate with your company.


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        Re: Gaming Systems

        How about "look at my taint computers"?


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          Re: Gaming Systems

          Well then i dont have a name i was hoping you all could help me with it?

          I have this names i like also

          Kira Gaming Systems
          Black Iron Computers

          Also i do not know what,i'm able to do as of right now i will update you soon on it though




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