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    Hi I'm a freshman and I'm looking into colleges. I was thinking about West Point but does anyone know whether or not there is a way to speed up the citizenship process (yes, I'm an immigrant :(). I've been in America for over 8 years now but we got a letter 2 months ago saying we should estimate it take another 2-4 years before we get our green card (then it's a 5 year waiting list to become a citizen). If you do the math, you'll see that I won't be a citizen until I graduate college which, by that time I will be four years out of high school. I will have no problem matching the academic and physical requirements.

    I had originally wanted to enlist after high school to experience the military, then get my BA and MA but my mom thinks I'm crazy.

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    Re: West Point

    Normally, 5 years of lawful permanent residency is required to Naturalize as a US Citizen. Unless the law changes drastically, there's no way to speed that up. So, what you're really asking is whether there's a way to speed up the process to become a Permanent Resident. And that's a complicated question. It really depends on how you're becoming a Resident and whether or not there's another way for you to become a Resident.

    Since you're already considering military service, that changes things for you, though. If you're willing to enlist first, I know that the US Armed Forces are allowing non-permanent residents to enlist if they have certain qualifications: Once you've got honorable service under your belt, the rest is easy:
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