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  • Big Pre-E3 news

    Hi guys I dunno where I should put this so I am just gonna keep the news in the general forums unless you want it somewhere else. I have two very big news pieces for everyone. First off id/activision/Splash Damage are releasing Enemy Territory Quake Wars. It uses the latest version of the Doom 3 engine.

    Here is a link to the IGN PC article

    The other big news is Operation Flashpoint 2 screens.

    enjoy =)
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    Re: Big Pre-E3 news

    Well, PS3 was announced.


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      Re: Big Pre-E3 news

      most of the PS3 stuff was old news aside from the game announcements, release date and pictures of the actual system. It's a little disappointing that they couldn't live up to their own hype. They had been promising that the processor would run at 4+ ghz, and had the capacity to run as high as 16+ ghz, I guess they skimped on the hardware though, oh well, I dislike Sony as it is since they tend to be to console games what Microsoft tends to be to PC gaming, i.e. TEH DEVIL! ><


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        Re: Big Pre-E3 news

        I don't think you should take pure clock speed into consideration when looking at the next-gen consoles. Both Intel and AMD admit that the 4 Ghz barrier is very hard to break without serious cooling.

        And I don't think Sony skimped on hardware; this Cell processor looks very impressive....on paper anyway. The Xbox 360 basically has the same chips that Apple uses. Now THATS skimping.

        Rumor has it that programmers halted development on the Xbox 360 once they saw the Cell processor in action.

        All in all, its a great time to be a gamer.

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