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What's your worst birthday ever?

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  • What's your worst birthday ever?

    Mine was yesterday when I worked 14 hours straight on no food and occasional water breaks. Yeah, military types probably have me beat all hollow. Still, that was a horrible birthday, a project startup that went badly, haven't been home in two weeks, I picked this hotel because of the internet and I still don't get to play NS, I had to turn down going out with my sister, or going out with another friend I only see once a year if I'm lucky... and because yesterday was bad and there's no relief until Monday, I worked 12 hours straight today and lucky me tomorrow too. Nothing says fun like working until 10pm on a Friday.

    So, you people that have had much worse birthdays, where your parents died or you had to be in Desert Storm or whatever, post here so I can stop wallowing in how horrible mine was.

    Probably my best birthday was when I was 6 and every single present plus my birthday cake had a dragon on it. I think that was the epitome of everything I wanted when I was six. :D If the dragon Legos had existed at the time I would've died from joy on the spot.

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    you're giving me ideas ms. geisha ;)


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      First birthday after my parents divorced. I would have been around 9 or 10, and my Dad called to wish me a Happy Birthday.

      It took everything I had to be a "man" on the phone. As soon as I hung up, I cried like a baby for a solid 10 minutes. So many raw emotions at once...

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        Originally posted by eternal
        Wow that sucks Geisha. A woman with your "attributes" should always have a great birthday. :)

        I was so thinking this same thing too LOL!

        Were the hell is Greg anyway? I havent heard from him in awhile?

        To answer her question, every birthday has been a bad birthday for various reasons.... well except my 14th birthday but thats because I touched a booby.


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          Originally posted by _Ender_
          because I touched a booby.



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            Happy birthday two days ago!!!

            Hmm... I don't particularly remember any *bad* birthdays, but I'll say there were a lot of un-exciting ones.... meh. Never been the big birthday person(my wife is though).

            Hope the startup gets straightened out soon! We'll check in on greg tomorrow.


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              How about a breakup?


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                Originally posted by eternal
                Originally posted by _Ender_
                Originally posted by eternal
                Wow that sucks Geisha. A woman with your "attributes" should always have a great birthday. :)
                .... well except my 14th birthday but thats because I touched a booby.
                Boy someone was a late bloomer. I allready had my first kid at 14.....well ok i'm joking but the boys were allready swimming if you know what I mean. ;)
                Man I remember touching my first boobie. It was AWESOME!

                Yeah I was a late bloomer :oops:

                Touching a boob was the single greatest thing I have ever done in my life and I still giggle like a school girl every time I see her (heheheh, I touched your boob). She is married with 2 kids now... I'm so glad I didnt feel the other one :P


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                  I'd have to say that this years (last weeks, frell) birthday was simultainously one of the funnest and worse I've ever had.

                  Tonn of fun as I went out with a buch of friends, got rather drunk, and a wee bit high.

                  Bad as I met a girl, hit it off, and got a tad frisky. Why is that bad you ask? She's my best friends girlfriend! :shock: I'm screwed
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                    Originally posted by Bentley
                    Bad as I met a girl, hit it off, and got a tad frisky. Why is that bad you ask? She's my best friends girlfriend! :shock: I'm screwed
                    Went through this exact thing 2 weeks ago, kinda odd when you see him for the first time.


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                      No no, odd is making out (IE more then kissing) with your friends sister on his bed while he's down stairs getting drinks.

                      very good day indeed..


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                        My girlfriend at the time (two weeks in) had a birthday coming up. Her parents and friends called the new boyfriend (me) and invited me to this mega-surprise birthday party for her. I'm so anal I "booked" it in my Outlook so I wouldn't forget it (I live by my Outlook calendar).

                        A few days later I began an upgrade on my PC (can you see where this is going?). I had the thing all in pieces one Saturday afternoon when I got a bitch conference call from all her girlfriends... "WHERE ARE YOU?! <bleep> <bleep> You <bleep> You don't deserve her!<bleep> <bleep>" etc etc.

                        Thank goodness I lived past that experience! I know it's not my birthday... but it was my worst birthday experience.

                        Thank goodness too that she ended up saying yes at the alter a couple years later! ... But don't get me wrong -- I've had to "over-do-it" ever year since then. :shock:

                        MORAL: Screw up the first one to get married. Set the expectation early. :D J/K
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                          Originally posted by Riyker
                          MORAL: Screw up the first one to get married. Set the expectation early. :D J/K
                          Good idea. Really.

                          I'm not too big on birthdays myself... It used to be a cool day when I got gifts and stuff, but now I simply don't think about mine at all...

                          Couple this with my CRS disease and you've got a recipe for disaster.

                          Two years ago, I forgot my wife's birthday, and although she said she understood and was wondering which year it was going to happen, it was disconcerting for me to come home from work and watch her burst into tears and throw a dishrag at me as she ran upstairs and slammed the bedroom door behind her...

                          MORAL: Always keep a few generic Hallmark cards hidden in your briefcase/computer desk/glove compartment so that you can write a really mushy love/birthday note without going to the store. This tactic can save your ass in many different situations.
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                            I've never had a real bad birhday...

                            I guess I'm just awesome =P
                            - 52


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                              Wow. Yep. Other people have definitely had it worse.

                              Thanks guys. :D I wouldn't have taken that much notice of my birthday if it hadn't just been a crappy day to begin with. Having a crappy day on a day where at least I should be able to look forward to a card or a present or two... and get bubkis (my parents sent a card to the hotel but I didn't know until the next morning)

                              Anyway, my parents gave me one or two things this weekend, and Greg will take me out when I get back to Chicago. And for my birthday cake I made chocolate terrine. MMMmmmmmmm. It's like 8 hours of work (including the wait time between layers) plus waiting overnight for it to freeze plus 1/2 hr for the sauce next day. And you get a little 5x3x1/2" slice and it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth it. So that made everything better.

                              Good luck with future birthdays people, yours and your wives'. ;)




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