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Got a sticky issue here, need some good advice

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  • Got a sticky issue here, need some good advice

    Ok so long story short, my wife and I got into a heated argument and she took off with sancho, good riddance. Stay-away orders are in place so we cant go anywhere near each other. Problem is, she has my truck and I want it back! She doesnt and has never paid a penny towards it and its only under my name. We bought it while married. The bank will repo it in 25 days and I can get it back, but Im afraid shell skip town before that and it will never be seen again. I gave my dad power of attorney for me so he can mediate and get my stuff that she has.

    I need to figure out a way to get it back from her, as I dont think she will just give it up. I already know where the truck is parked, its not in a place where it can be easily towed. And she has my key for it as well. Any ideas??

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    Re: Got a sticky issue here, need some good advice

    Laws are different in every state.

    You could just get a key from the dealer and get the truck. Then hide it. Unless the protective order or whatever you have says you can't get the truck, it is both your property (depending on state law).

    Your actions could affect the divorce outcome. If that is your and her only transportation then who knows what the judge would say. But if you have a way to get around to work and what not and she doesn't then you take that away from her (by taking the truck) the judge could get angry.

    Or maybe not. It all depends on the judge and the laws of your state.

    My advice? Get a lawyer.
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