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Tactical Gamer Ribbons: The new process.

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  • Tactical Gamer Ribbons: The new process.

    Greetings Tactical Gamer Members!

    One of the great ways that we have been able to show our support for and acknowledge the skills, dedication, and qualities of out fellow gamers is through our ribbons system; however, there has been a smallish, but key, change in how ribbons are handled at TG.

    In the past, when you wrote a nomination for a person they began at a Class I for that ribbon and a subsequent nomination for the same ribbon increased to a Class II. Then the next a Class III, and so on. One of the side effects of this system is that we ended up with huge amounts of Class I ribbons and fewer(But still many) Class II ribbons. However, Classes III and higher were rare to see. Case in point is the Distinguished Squad Leader. Out of 209 awarded, there are 11 Class III Ribbons and 1 Class IV. Perhaps this is because of a lack on continued nominations or whatever. Regardless, this resulted in many of the players here at TG not having a ribbon that properly represented their level. I don't like that.

    To fix this, you now can nominate anyone for any Class ribbon.

    What does this mean? Well, you must now include the Class you're nominating the person for in your ribbon nomination. There are guidelines for each class of Game Ribbon that specifically outline what is required for each class. These can be viewed HERE. These are fairly specific and if you ever have any questions about which class you should nominate for, go back and reread the guidelines.

    A new Ribbon Nomination guide has been posted. It's been updated with the new information so please go read it HERE.

    Also, an updated template for nominations has been posted HERE.

    We hope that this will allow the great people at TG to get higher class ribbons that truly befit the high level of ability that TG members have.

    If you have any questions in regard to this system, comments, or suggestions, please PM Ribbons(ME!!).

    Thanks a lot,
    ~Tactical Gamer Ribbons Administrator

    Acknowledge your teammates' Outstanding and Distinguished efforts: Submit a nomination!

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    Re: Tactical Gamer Ribbons: The new process.

    Thank you very much for the change to the system! I now have to go through and write about a hundred nominations for various ribbon classes and TG members that deserve them!


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      Re: Tactical Gamer Ribbons: The new process.

      Great job.

      18th SF Operational Detachment Delta


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        Re: Tactical Gamer Ribbons: The new process.

        Great work!




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