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    I was recently laid off from work and now I have the daunting task of finding a new job before my severance package runs out (3 months). I'd rather not file for unemployment.

    I am a 32 y/o white male without a college degree (but 2 years college education).

    I was a manager for a casual dining restaurant chain. Although I didn't like the company I don't mind the work. I have over 16 years in the hospitality industry.

    Interests: Computers, Law Enforcement, Military, Firearms, Politics (I am currently running for a local office)

    Suggest a job for me!
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    Re: Suggest a Job!

    being serious......


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      Re: Suggest a Job!

      in the words of the great Judge Smails... "well.. the world needs ditch diggers too.."

      lol kidding of course... but seriously good luck finding a job man!


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        Re: Suggest a Job!

        Originally posted by Global.Cooling View Post
        Politics (I am currently running for a local office)
        Suggest a job for me!
        Not a suggestion, but encouragement none the less: go Cooling! :P

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          Re: Suggest a Job!

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            Re: Suggest a Job!

            I remember seeing a story recently about sectors that are growing and restaurants was one of them. So with any luck, you might even find a job back in the same industry.

            You might go "upstream" and look for a job at a restaurant supplier. With both computer and restaurant knowledge you might be well-qualified at working in the supply chain management part of the industry.

            Dredge's idea has possibilities: You could try to vector into a military's mess system. Maybe those who know the system could advise on how to insure getting a billet there. Which branch has the best food? (You might instead want to go for the worst, since it's hard to fail from the bottom. :p)
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