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Anybody know genetic algorithms?

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  • Anybody know genetic algorithms?

    I am starting development of class scheduling software. I am looking for some good books/articles on the subject. (I have been looking at many websites for the past month. Many of them good for introduction. So I don't think a web, unless it is a fantastic one I happened to miss, would help me much.)

    I have the basics down and have a very simple one wrote but I need to go much deeper.

    If the books also cover other topics such as simulated annealing and tabu search that would be great. Also if it could focus on the actuall coding that would be nice. I don't really care about the language but a C derivative (I know VB.Net would be asking to much) would be easier on my old brain.

    Anybody know any?
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    Re: Anybody know genetic algorithms?

    Pretty good mid-deep coverage of a lot of AI techniques, with code examples in C.
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      Re: Anybody know genetic algorithms?

      I'm not sure but I think SpamAssassin uses a genetic algorithm for computing the scores (weights) used to for spam signs. You might ask on the SA devel mailing list.

      (Click on "Lists" in the top menu.)
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