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  • Game Footage!

    I will be creating a video to showcase some of the variety of games that TacticalGamer plays. It will be set to this song:


    I am calling out to you, the players of those games, to send me the best footage you can from your games, that you think will be fitting to the song.

    Some things:

    1) Any video should be in a third person POV, if possible
    2) Air combat footage (if applicable) would be a nice thing to have for each game.
    3) As few non-game sounds as possible (i.e. VOIP, voices speaking, etc). If you have truly good footage though, this doesn't matter as I can just paint over their sound.
    4) Try to keep clips short. 20 seconds or less. I mean, I've only got 2:49 seconds to work with, after all. If you have a longer clip I'll consider it if it's of good quality.
    5) Lots. Of. Explosions.

    Post your footage in this thread, don't PM me with it. If I plan to use your footage, I'll send you a PM.

    - |TG-23rd| Startrekern

    (DISCLAIMER to moderators: I placed this thread here because I believe the Video Production subforum would not have seen the response it would here. I'd ask that you leave the thread here, or at least until I have the footage I'm looking for. Thanks.)



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