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Hello everyone ... nOOb here :)

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  • Hello everyone ... nOOb here :)

    I couldn't find an introductions section to the site or forums so I thought I'd pop in here and just post a quick hello to everyone at TG.

    Originally born n raised in South Yorkshire England, moved to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada at the age of 16 and now @ 41 years young, I'm I guess what you'd call a mature gamer, although I do have a friend or two the same age that are anything but mature :(

    Started gaming waaaaaaay waaaaaaay back in the Commodore Vic 20 era, took a long break and then got heavily into the sports games on the early consoles such as Tecmo Bowl, Early Joe Montana Football and Hockey games, Blades of Steel, NHL series etc ... Then one day I stopped in at a friends place and heard the grunts of Doom " Knee Deep in the Dead".... I asked my buddy if I could get that game for my Sega (LOL) at which point I learned that I needed a PC to play these groundbreaking new games on. Shift forward ... Next day, purchased a screaming fast
    486 SX25, 4 Megabytes of RAM, 70 Meg Hard Disk, 5 n a quarter inch Floppy drive ... Yes that's right 25 Mhz with no math co-processor, can u believe anything ran on that thing ... LOL Had to teach myself DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.11 for Workgroups. Upgraged to 8 Megs of RAM for a cost of $400 for 4 more megs, then the massive new hard disk, 350 Megs ($500) and then a 2X CD Rom drive to try out Seventh Guest ... Hehe :)

    My system today ... Slightly more powerful: AMD Phenom X4 940 3.0 Ghz, 8 Gigs DDR, Multiple Hard Disks (over 2 TB) 2X GT285's with 1 Gig each in SLI, 30" LG Flatty & a Track IR !!!
    I still play those sports games but mainly on my XBox 360 or PS3 but mostly I sim ... MS FSX, GTR2, RFactor, LOMAC, DCS Black Shark, Rise of Flight, IL2, Silent Hunter Series etc ... I still also dabble in FPShooters, Crysis, BF2, CSS etc ... but most of my time is sucked up by the tremendous iRacing ( by far THE BEST Racing Simulation of all time.

    However, I came across Tactical Gamer in the pages of PC Gamer last month and thought that ArmA 2 looked pretty realistic and thought I'd like to get involved, so here I am. I'll be lurking the forums for awhile trying to figure out the best way to tweak and setup ArmA2 and I welcome any tips or tricks or links etc ... to help me on my way.

    Looking forward to joining a serious, mature group for some serious kiling and blowing stuff up ;)

    Thanks for reading ...

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    Re: Hello everyone ... nOOb here :)

    It's great to see that the PC Gamer article got TG some attention. Welcome to the forums! The site is a bit of a work in progress right now as we move to a new server and get a nice update. TG has a very active BF2 (Project Reality Mod) community as well as a CSS server. Enjoy TG!


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      Re: Hello everyone ... nOOb here :)

      Welcome to the community! Yes the site is just undergoing some changes since yesterday before you joined.. give it some time and it will be sweet! We have a pretty active Arma2 community so you'll feel right at home with it! our bf2142 is also pretty big community, but the game is facing some lag issues, probably relating to punkbuster. so for now most if not all of 2142 community has moved to bad company 2 or bf2 until 2142 gets fixed(hopefully soon).

      have an awesome time here at |TG|




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