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  • Interesting Virtual Earth video
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    Re: Interesting Virtual Earth video

    Long video, but that app looks VERY sweet.. I can't wait to start playing with it!

    I think the biggest value I will have in that app is EXACTLY the scenario they described. Going on a business trip and wanting to locate nearby coffee shops, restaurants, parking, etc. Being able to pan around the maps and having those queries update on the fly will make it an awesome tool.
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      Re: Interesting Virtual Earth video

      I don't know if you guys have heard of Keyhole, but they were acquired by Google somewhat recently... I'm much more likely to buy this type of product/service from Google than from Microsoft.

      Interesting to me was one of the first things that Google did upon acquiring Keyhole:
      Originally posted by PressRelease
      Google also announced, effective immediately, a price reduction for Keyhole 2 LT from $69.95 to $29.95.
      You can try Keyhole for a week for free. It's not quite like the Microsoft product, but you can type an address and Keyhole will zoom to it. I can't wait to see Google Maps and Keyhole integrated...

      Speaking of Google Maps, I just read a funny article about what will pop up if you search for "YourCity Crack House" or "YourCity brothel". Try it out for your town and see if it's amusing.
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