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New Aliens vs. Predator Game - What do you think?

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  • New Aliens vs. Predator Game - What do you think?

    Hey guys,

    Well I picked up Aliens vs. Predator and I got to say, I'm kinda bored with it. Now lets get some background on me. I'm 30, so I played the original AvP on PC and AvP2 on PC. I loved them both. AvP1 was the first of its kind and the action was great. AvP2 had the action with some improvements and also a bit of an interesting storyline to go along with it.

    I love science fiction, and I love the Aliens and Predator franchises. However, I have trouble accepting this game did them enough, I stress enough, justice.

    There are good things about the game, of course. The graphics are pretty good. Sounds are decent. Also some of the predator features like "focus targeted jumping" is pretty cool. They added in a few custom animations. Like opening doors and putting power cells into plugs. Also the aliens seem to jink and zip around the environment a bit, making them hard to hit. Also, the Predator dialog you hear sometimes was interesting. But that's about it.

    HOWEVER.. overall I was quite bored with it. First off every darn level is so small and claustrophobic. There is hardly any freedom to move. Gaming development has come a long way and to revert back to a one way corridor shooter is pretty boring for me, personally. The aliens and predator universe has so much interesting and creative things to explore, I can't understand why they choose to go this route with level design.

    There is a bit of a story line, but I didn't find it all that interesting and it was not well developed at all. Typical of games, but this one was especially bad. Oh, and I should not forget the infamous "ripped off straight out of Bio Shock" audio logs that you can pick up. They even used the EXACT SAME stopping sound. A 'click' which plays like your pushing the stop button on an old cassette player! I mean, COME ON! Can't we get more creative?

    The weapons for the Marine don't seem all that effective. I found face huggers literally crawling through my blasts from the flame thrower with ease. The Pulse rifle must shoot .22 Long rifle rounds, cause you have to shoot an alien like 50 times to kill it. They almost always end up in your face before you kill them. I suppose they are trying to scare players, make them feel pressured, it works to some extent, but after a few encounters you start getting sick of it and It becomes a major frustration.

    The environments were barely interactive. I felt like 'what a waste of art time and development" on all the detailed objects in game, but you can't interact with them. At least could have added the ability to destroyed stuff or added in some more physics or something. They should have added in more custom animations and interaction with computers, hack devices or other equipment the marines might use. Right now I feel real separate from the environment. The immersion was not enough to entertain me or keep my interest. You know? Let me drive a fork lift or some other vehicle at some point, let me use that blow torch from Aliens 2 and wield doors shut to keep them evil beasts out, let me interact with new/different equipment to do tasks or something like that. Don't just give me a bunch of corridors to walk down. Not in this day and age.

    In short, making a game series look better isn't enough. I think game technology is getting advanced enough that we can have more interactivity and scale in playing environments than what we are being given. I think what we see happening in games is the result of profit driven corporate interests and also an industry which is more driven to develop for consoles. What we are getting are more expensive, dumb down products created in a shorter amount of time. The answer, I believe, is that we need to see a resurgence of smaller, independent game development companies to come around again, which are staffed with people who make a living, but not a killing, at game development and want to pursue their passion by pushing the envelope of game design in technology, creativity and content.

    O.K. so what do you guys think who played it? Am I being too hard on it? Did any of you feel the same way? Let me know what you thought of the game.
    Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. - General George S. Patton.

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    Re: New Aliens vs. Predator Game - What do you think?

    Adept agrees with the above statement

    My name: Adept a skilled or proficient person Abyss a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity
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