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    Well, here's a mini review if you will:

    Graphics: The graphics are of UT quality. You can see some polys but overall is very nice. The view distance is approx 800 meters but I could be wrong. Also, soldiers run at the hips. That is until you sprint. Then they buckle down and put their shoulders down and run. Also, the reloading animations are spectacular.

    Sounds: This is where this game shines. The sounds...WOW! I don't believe I've ever heard sounds like this from a game before. They really are amazing.

    AI: Well, AI intelligence is well, smart enough to know where to go for the fight but beyond that are quite ignorant. Many times I have closed with an enemy as he has me in his sights only to be able to run him through with the bayonet.

    Classes and weapons: BIG NOTE: You have to aim down the sights. No crosshairs, hightech Aimpoints or the like. Just could ol' iron sights. Except for the sniper rifle.
    Well, each map has particulars. Such as a tank map may let you be a crew member or commander. Some maps let you pick a sniper. Others not. The weapons are spot on for the era (WW2, Eastern Front). MP40's, Kar 98's, etc, etc....
    You CAN "cook off" grenades. This is a blast. I love doing airbursts and taking out several troops behind a building or obstacle. The unrealistic part is you can throw grenades by sprinting and jumping while throwing a LONG ways. The panzerfaust is nice. It will take out a tank or APC quite easily if you hit them in the right spots.
    You have to deploy the MG before firing it accurately. You can shoot from the hip but be prepared to be aiming at the sky!

    ALSO: Only tank crews and commanders can operate tanks. You also can not steal enemy vehicles.

    Hit Detection: Tanks in particular have to be hit in certain areas for more destruction. This is well modeled in the game. When getting in a tank fight it is wise to position one's self so that a round can "glance" off the side of the armor. If you hit the treads then a tank can be disabled. Hit it in the turrent or in the back and it goes "boom". :)

    Artillery: There are artillery radios on certain maps. For this you or someone on your team needs a pair of binoculars (only available to commander class). They bring up the binocs by the same means as looking down iron sights. They then left click to designate area for a strike. A red "X" shows the position on the map for the strike. Him or anyone else can then use the radio to call in a strike (hit the "use" key while standing next to the radio). It will tell you wether it is possible or not and also how many you have left. The strike pattern is random but definitely within a tight range of the position. Word to the wise....don't get caught in the open by this. This thing will destroy whatever is in the area. The strike is fairly long, so if you hear more "thunder", look out! INCOMING!

    That's all I can think of right now. If you want to know anything else just ask...

    In the pursuit of... something.



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