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  • History of the 1st MIP

    Unfinished business....

    I am interested in writing a history of the 1st Mechanized Infantry Platoon (1stMIP).

    I was not 'there' at the beginning, and have rapidly fading memories of the end (2007?) but I think that some of the original members are still around, and enough oral history survives to piece together an autoethnographic, autobiographical, and entirely incomplete history of a significant piece of TG's culture and community.

    My 'hidden agenda' is to complete a scholarly project on the culture of online gaming communities that I began some five years ago. A related minor scholarly article inspired by TG is found here.

    So with that in mind I'll open up this thread and begin to collect some 'oral' (ascii) memories from those who were 1stMIP and those who knew of the 1stMIP.

    If you were a 1stMIP member, please make yourself known to me once again (please do not assume that I will remember!).

    Also, throughout this project I will solicite any memories surrounding interaction with the 1stMIP from TGers and non-TGers alike. All memories are welcome...

    You may also contact me directly and I would be delighted to see any memories delivered to me in video form.


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    Re: History of the 1st MIP

    Former 1st Member, there are still a few of us around here, I seen Finestyle lurking on the forums recently, and Grunt is here, as is Mosely occasionally and Aculle. When the 22nd rebranded we dedicated ourselves to the memory of the 1st MIP, as you will see here and also in my avatar to the left:

    1st JTOC

    Email, I have access to the entire catalogue of our 1st MIP forums that John ensured were kept safe after we broke up, I can hook you up with those. Hit me up a PM and we can work something out. I feel that the 1st MIP were the pinacle of what TG aspired to be, and anything that I can do to immortalise them I will.

    Also, your link about the previous article is broken. Do you still have those videos and other articles I used to love reading back in the day, until I heard my shocking accent in them that is.........


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      Re: History of the 1st MIP

      I loved playing with you MIP guys back in the day :D. I remember being assigned in a fireteam (Alfa 1-3, Bravo 1-3) and having to do exactly as I was told :p, and it was the most fun I've had in Vanilla BF2, period.

      Hell I've even got an old screenshot from an in-game "planning session" with one of the MIP squads:

      I didn't join a squad once and this guy named Nardini took me into the back room and beat me with a sock of oranges.


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        Re: History of the 1st MIP

        Where's steeler? dangit you guys for leaving us!

        - -


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          Re: History of the 1st MIP

          I have some stuff to say about 1MIP :D

          First up E-Male, you are the reason I'm here at TG now. See post #9 here from the PR forum:

          Introduce Yourself

          The posts after are pretty funny too.

          But that first night is still one of the best I have ever played in PR, or any game for that matter. Running in fire teams was awesome. I remember one round in particular very well. We were on Ghost Train, and E-Male tells me to take automatic rifleman, and for me to take point while we sneak around the mountain to take the Chinese bridge. I about crapped my pants because at the time I was almost always Medic, and was very good at that kit. But by the end of the round I had one of the best K/D ratios I have ever had due to my fireteam and whoever the medic was. We really beat the Chinese back by non-stop harassment of their flank and ended up winning the round.

          Then I started playing with John CANavar some, and even got to run in a league with the 1st, even though I wasn't in a TG squad yet. We slayed the other team, and I got like 3x more kills than anyone else, so my ego was out of control for a day or so. Funny thing is E-Male still didn't remember who I was and still treated me like he had never met me every time I played with him. I was signed up for the league thing and was on comms when I was supposed to be, and got the PM with passwords and everything, and E-Male still asked me why I was in the channel and if I was sure I was supposed to be there. Started wondering if in old age his short term memory was already shot :row__596:

          Then I got one of my first PMs here at TG from John CANavar with an invite to join 1st MIP, and it blew my mind. I actually still have the PM in my Inbox, dated 05-08-2007. I was still with a clan at the time, and made the mistake of telling him I was interested but will have to work out some stuff with the old clan first. The 1st broke up shortly after. :icon_frow

          The last time I got to play with John, I had just bought a new game pad that I thought would be really great, with special buttons to do all kinds of stuff. I lucked out on my first round with it and got into John's squad on Jabal map and we were in the city fighting and really pinned down. He told me to grab a LAT since there was armor all around. I got the kit and proceeded to TK our entire squad. The gamepad buttons were all mixed up and I hit something that fired the LAT. I felt so bad, and apologized a couple of times and explained what happened. He laughed about it, but I still jumped out of the game before respawning, saying I need to configure the pad, but actually haven't used the pad since. That was a waste of $40 :row__517: After all, the pad might be cursed now.

          Then I met Jeepo, and it was all downhill from there :icon_lol::icon_lol::icon_lol:
          But really though, I still remember the map I first squaded up with Jeepo, and how funny his accent was, but it was in a squad with E-Male as SL. I actually spent most of that round chasing behind Jeepo reviving him. But Jeepo took a bit of a break from gaming shortly after. Glad he came back. When he did return, we grabbed him for the 10th pretty quickly. He is now kind of like our red-headed stepchild. E-Male, if you need any dirt on Jeepo for your story, I'm sure I can come up with some stories to make your readers blush :icon_roll:row__534:

          Also remember Grunt. He joined the 10th for a short time and I really got to know him while playing ARMA, and he is actually the only "internet" friend I have ever met in real life. Cool guy, and those that played with us in ARMA1 always looked forward to Grunt getting some game time in because he was an awesome commander and squad leader. Hope he is continuing that in ARMA2 when he has time.

          Since the split I also got to play with Protoman-swe, Finestyle, and Mosley. They all joined up with the 10th when we first formed. I think Protoman and Finestlye are MIA, but I see Mosley every so often. Had some really good rounds of ARMA with them.

          Johnflenaly is an interesting cat. He appears and disappears regularly and has been in the 10th off and on. When I get a chance to squad up with him we have some good rounds. Then last night I find him in the BC2 Hardcore server and got to squad up. We lost every round last night, but I still had fun. Come back into the fold Mr. John :row__685:

          Main thing I remember leading up to the split was when playing PR, it was extremely hard to get into a squad with the 1st, as everyone would ask for invites. And if there was more than a few of the 1st on one team, there was non-stop bitching from the other team about team stacking. I didn't really get how annoying that was until joining the 10th and it started happening to us and the 6th, among other squads. It was so stupid because I still was loosing just as much as I was winning. In fact, I know I lost a ton of rounds in squads with E-Male as SL. But I had such a good time playing, I didn't care. It is like that in the 10th a lot of times now. I played the other night with Cougar as SL, and we were loosing BADLY, but we had an awesome time running around goofing off on comms while hunting snipers and clearing caves the loss didn't matter.


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            Re: History of the 1st MIP

            How did I miss this thread?

            I'm glad you are working on this E-male. I'm at work now but will come back with some recollections of my own later tonight or soon.

            I have some great screenshots from the 1st MIP days.

            I loved the fact that we were defensive specialist. We could and did assault with the best of them but when the 1st locked down on defense dislodging us was a very difficult assignment.

            Let us not forget Loyalguard, Coridon and who could forget Sassy. She was a juggernaut. I was and am so proud of the 1st and what we stood for and accomplished.

            Cmon you old timers...chime in on your experiences with the 1st MIP.
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              Re: History of the 1st MIP

              Unlike bamboo, the 1st MIP isnt the reason I'm here at TG, the natural selection community is to blame for that colossal misjudgment. However, the 1st is the reason that I got into PR.

              Back in 2005-2006, as natural selection participation was waning, I decided to branch out into other parts of TG. we still had a vbf2 server at that point and i spent quite a bit of time playing on it. but similar to the way everyone else feels about vanilla, it was just too...vanilla and gross. so i took a break from that for a while and played TG titles likie CS:S and such. one day, one of the CS:S players (for the life of me, i cant recall who) mentioned this new mod for bf2 that TG was hosting. something called "project reality", which was supposed to be 10x more realistic and less spammy than vanilla. I decided "what the hell" and downloaded and installed it. i jumped on the server and spent two or three boring rounds running around with disorganized squads and was ready to give up. i distinctly remember getting off of PR to go make some lunch at this point, but then the food in my stomach radiated happy thoughts to my brain and I decided to give it another shot.

              well, i hopped in and there were 9 squads. all locked. so i asked over teamchat for an invite, 2 or 3 times. no responses. then, like a beacon of hope (and i'm sure just before i was about to be squadless-kicked), i got the blue and gold text on the bottom of my screen saying "you have been invited to join the 1STMIP squad. press pageup to accept or pagedown to decline."

     invite to play with a TG IHS? HELL YES.

              So i joined up. having little or no skill (and telling John C so when I joined) he asked me to be medic for fireteam B, assigning me to bravo-three. He said I wouldnt have to shoot much because my job was mostly keeping people alive. if only john knew what kind of a monster he was creating by asking me to be a medic. :D

              so i played about the next 10 rounds in the 1stMIP squad. i started getting really good at being a medic and found that I thoroughly enjoyed the game, now that I was able to play with people who knew what they were doing. from then on, i did everything i could to get into 1st squads as often as possible. i made friends with several of the guys. me and jeepo used to routinely play "who can tk by knife better". playing with the 1st also helped me earn respect and make friends with others in the TG PR community, like eGoatBoy and Wimpinator, who asked me to be one of the first members of the 6th when we formed it back in 2007.

              I always loved the way the 1st MIP did business. Organized, tactical, strict. But yet, in what would seem to be a complete oxymoron, incredibly lively and fun. I know there were a lot of people out there who viewed 1st squads as being robotic in their actions and sometimes even standoff-ish. But had they actually got in on the action, they would have had a lot of fun joking, chatting and slaying bodies with them.


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                Re: History of the 1st MIP

                Just a quick note to say a big THANK YOU for all the reflections coming in. This is a long term project and will likely take most of this year to complete in my spare time, but I can't do it without all your help. I myself made a terrible mistake of deleting old TG e-mails due to lack of space (thought I had a back up but ...). Those email had the whole history of my own involvement.

                I'll write some of my own reflections shortly (I'll NEVER forget the first time I heard John.C in comms -- I thought he was real military...and I am an army brat...).

                The 1stMIP managed to hit a delicate balance between mutual respect, simulation game playing (without taking it to no-fun extremes) and mature teamplay which made for the most immersive virtual reality experiences I have ever had. Amazingly presistent memories and emotions.

                Sorry I could never get your name in my head back then, Bamboo! I have the same problem with my many undergrad students...

                Please send any related screen shots directly to me. I will compile all memories and images (raw data) in an archive of some form or another, and eventually shift through it and create a reasonably concise multimedia narrative of the 1stMIP at TG.


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                  Re: History of the 1st MIP

                  I remember when Jeepo and myself thought about bringing back the 1st as a recarnation of another life. We both really thought hard about what it would take, what it would mean, and really what it was that we wanted out of it.

                  I can say that my first encounter with the 1st was something I still remember. When i get a chance I will write up a bit for you e-male because I can say that it was the 1st that kept me here at TG.

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                    Re: History of the 1st MIP

                    I played with the 1st MIP on a couple of games when I first started PR, and my initial thought was "These guys have the organization and forethought, but the game is just too fast for their gameplay" after being involved in a very effective advance on a flag that was taken out of play right before we assaulted since we spent so long getting into place. At that time rushing was still more effective than calculated advances overall.

                    I must say, the speed and level of play that I saw would fit into PR now that it has slowed down to allow such well thought out and executed tactics. You guys were just before your time when it came to PR.


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                      Re: History of the 1st MIP

                      We were before our time in ArmA as well when we moved into that.........




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