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Steam coming to Macs?

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  • Steam coming to Macs?

    So some gaming/Mac websites got sent some pictures, referencing Steam, Valve games and Macs. 5 are known so far, each has six grey dots at the bottom (like on an iPhone or iPod touch) with one dot coloured black, suggesting that there are 6 images in the set. A note was also sent along with the images, saying "In anticipation of an upcoming announcement from Valve."
    Here are the links for the 5 websites so far, I won't embed the pictures because they are fairly large (except one which I will post because it's awesome):

    What can it mean? We'll probably find out more at GDC in a week and a bit. For now, speculate away, but be prepared to look silly when Valve announce what it actually is.
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    Re: Steam coming to Macs?

    I guess with their recent release of Steam Beta they've removed their dependency on Internet Explorer as they're now using WebKit. It's a possibility.


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      Re: Steam coming to Macs?
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        Re: Steam coming to Macs?

        Whats funny about the TF2/Portal turret picture (inferring that the better looking portal turret is a mac) is that the portal turrets are killed in about half a second and with 0 effort, whereas TF2 turrets have been known to nuke entire teams. So regardless of being uglier, I think I'd rather be a PC if thats the reference.


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          Re: Steam coming to Macs?

          its only coming to the ipad and will require Wifi - sarcasm
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