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  • InstantAction Event Night

    "Beware.. the complete death of productivity lies within."

    We'll be having an InstantAction event later this evening if enough interest can be rallied. Hop on into the Teamspeak channel when you can if you'd like to participate -- planning on starting around 6:30 or 7:00 Eastern US time. Will start earlier if we get enough people in-channel by then. Below is a description of what, exactly, InstantAction is, from my previous write-up on the main page.


    InstantAction is a browser-based content delivery system similar to OnLive. With a variety of games and play styles, there's something for everyone. From a highly unique FPS, to MechWarrior, to sports games, RTS, and more, it boasts some pretty good graphics for a browser-based system.

    Each game has different modes. The FPS - Fallen Empire: Legions - for example has capture-the-flag and Deathmatch modes, in which up to thirty-two players can team up against each other on maps of awesome scale.

    For players who want a bit slower-paced war action, there's Ace of Aces for up to eight players. Form up in teams and attack the enemy's base, dodging flak and enemy planes, fight to the death in the deathmatch mode, or play a new twist on an old classic: Fox and Hounds.

    If you want a game requiring true teamwork and skill, try RokkitBall. This Sports-Game-Turned-FPS involves rockets, magnetic beams, jetpacks, and a ball. Need I say more?

    Another fun, simple game is GalCon - a space RTS for up to eight players - this game is as fast-paced or as slow and tactical as you want it to be, since you can set the number of planets and how fast they produce ships. Quite fun to annihilate everyone or try to see how long you can survive against overwhelming odds.

    For you MechWarrior fans, Lore Aftermath might be what you're looking for here. Again for up to eight players, this game is fast-paced and fun as teams of Mechs square off against each other.

    Think Tanks is a fast-paced, cartoonish-but-fun Tank Warfare Game. Drive around the Brain Tank of your choice and blow up others in the (team/)deathmatch mode or capture the flag for yourself -- and try and keep it(I dare you) -- in the free-for-all CTF mode.

    There are several other games on top of these to choose from as well, but I won't go into detail on those.

    To point out a few of InstantAction's downfalls here, there's the simple fact that barely any true teamwork exists amongst the greater amount of public players. Use of the built-in, half-broken VoIP system is very small. But, as we've seen on our occasional Event Nights, when TacticalGamer's astounding players and a simple TeamSpeak channel are thrown in the mix, the gameplay is simply .. epic.

    Different players may find that different browsers work the best for them, but I've found the most success with using Firefox to connect.

    Most of the games can be sent into beautiful full screen by tapping ALT-ENTER and most of them have single-player components as well.

    - |TG-23rd| Startrekern

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    Re: InstantAction Event Night

    Today's event is over, thanks for coming everyone who did! Not too bad of a turn-out but we'd like to top it next time. Too bad the maintenance ended our fun..

    Regardless, next event will probably be Thursday or Friday. Check back here at the end of the week and we might have something going for you.

    - Star


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      Re: InstantAction Event Night

      EDIT: Apparently this won't be possible -- they're doing a site overhaul. Another time, then, folks.
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