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    How much would you be willing to pay for five independently developed games? Well, is in the middle of finding out. The site is offering The Humble Indie Bundle. Five games, all DRM-free and compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux:

    We know that World of Goo had great success doing this with their game once before. This time there's an interesting twist. You also have the option of directing your funds to two charities, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and/or Child's Play.

    EFF is well known for standing up for the consumer rights, freedom of speech and privacy rights of individuals in the face of never ending technological advances. Child's Play is the charity started by Penny-Arcade to help stock children's hospitals with video games. Both very worthy charities that every member of TG should enjoy supporting.

    Do you really get to decide how much you pay? Yes. In fact, you can decide whether to split your donation evenly between the devs and the charities, or have it all go to the developers, or all to the charities, or even get more complicated with a custom donation. Over a hundred thousand dollars has been raised already with the average donation being $7.97. Not too shabby. Interestingly, the largest non-anonymous donation has been by with $250, which is a great way to advertise a small, start-up game development group! I wonder if a member from TG is willing to top that?

    So, what's the catch? The catch is that there's only a little over 6 days left to get in on this fundraiser, so quit dawdling and get over there and donate!
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