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  • Golden Joystick Awards

    What do you think was the best FPS game from the last year (May 22nd 2009 to May 22nd 2010)? Perhaps you liked ArmA2? Bad Company 2? Or Borderlands?
    Was Batman: Arkham Asylum the best action game? (Pro tip - it was.)
    What game coming out in the next year is the 'one to watch'? Perhaps it's Brink, or Fallout: New Vegas, or maybe you've decided to give Call of Duty another chance.
    Was Mass Effect 2 the ultimate game of the year? (YES.)

    Categories are:

    Action Game of The Year:
    Downloadable Game of The Year:
    Fighting Game of The Year:
    Music Game of The Year:
    One To Watch:
    Online Game of The Year:
    Portable Game of The Year:
    Puzzle Game of The Year:
    Racing Game of The Year:
    Role Playing Game of The Year:
    FPS Game of The Year:
    Soundtrack of The Year:
    Sports Game of The Year:
    Strategy Game of The Year:
    UK Developer of The Year:
    Ultimate Game of The Year:

    Cast thy vote!

    Edit: The reason for this post is to inform you that you can vote, so you don't whine when Modern Warfare 2 inevitably wins. Voting takes about two minutes, think how happy [your favourite developer] would be if their game won. Can you deny them that? CAN YOU?
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