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  • My Virtual Life Story

    Growing up I was a troubled youth. I had a problem with drugs and stomping on turtles for hours at a time. My brother and used to get into fights with others over his girlfriend. Eventually, that habit took me to the next level and I began to steal cars, and lash out violently against people with baseball bats. Eventually, that life style caught up with me and I was busted several times. After a few years I cleaned up my act and decided it was time to do something meaning full with my life, so I enlisted. For the next few years I would see the world and fight for my life almost on a daily basis.

    At about that time I was called up so serve my country in one of the biggest wars that it has ever seen. I deployed to Africa first and moved into Europe shortly after. Once the ETO was over with, I put in a transfer to the Pacific to see the wars end personally. I hung around, a little too long in fact, and got drafted to serve in Vietnam. I completed two tours, some parts of those with the US Army Special Forces. I even served on a Counter Terrorist team for a year or so. Man, those where great times! I tell you what though, I never want to work bomb disarming again. Too many close calls.

    As I moved along in my career I was given the chance to command troops in battle. I have coordinated several very large scale operations, I even had the chance to particpate in Operation Gothic Serpent. It was about this time that I was introduced to the world of flight. It didn't take long for me to turn in my rifle for a set of wings, let me tell you! I began flying Blackhawks for some of the same troops I had commanded before. After awhile though, the same routine began to take its toll on my sanity. I started to look elsewhere to fill the void. I tried my hand at freelance, and mercinary work in South America but in the end I found that it wasn't for me. So, I decided to try hobbies to spice things up.

    I began racing not too long ago. I have just started the Moto GP circut and I am doing fairly well. I even tried my hand at the Baja and found it rather enjoyable. But, something kept bringing me back to flight. Unable to escape the need to fly I reenlisted in the Air Force and have begun flying F-15's for a new squadron out of Nellis Air Force Base. The pay is lousy but I get to spend my time in the air, so its not all that bad.

    I still race on occasion, I even go to the field and do raids and even tried my hand at Mobile Command Center destruction. But, as I said before I keep getting pulled back into the air.

    So how many games can you see?

    Care to share your story?


    KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...

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    Re: My Virtual Life Story

    lol, no one whats to hear the pages of mmorpg fruitiness before I traded my staff of awesomeness for a dune buggy, 2ft halo drops, and solo TOW choppers....

    seriously it's gai like a Taylor Swift song.




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