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  • Steam: Now for Mac!

    Steam releases for Mac today!
    We've all heard the old adage "Mac sux! No right mouse!"
    Then, people realized that you could plug in different mice, and that even some Apple mice had right click.

    We've also probably heard the old adage "Mac sux! No gamez, u is losur!"
    No more, with Steam for Mac OS X, slated for release later today. On release, the platform will have support for a few of Valve's titles from the Source engine, specifically Portal and TF2. There will also be other developers that have made their games compatible for the release. Each subsequent Wednesday, there will be a collection of new, Mac compatible games.

    Games on the Steam store that are compatible for both PC and Mac will now have a SteamPlay icon, which signifies that the game is cross-platform; if you buy a game with SteamPlay, you get it for both OSes. Also of note is that these are the same games as the PC counterparts; players will play on the same servers.

    There is, however, one difference between PC and Mac versions of the same games; that being that DirectX is a proprietary collection of APIs from Microsoft. Obviously, something that Microsoft owns isn't going to come to Apple anytime soon, right? Well, that's where OpenGL takes DirectX's place. For games to run on Mac, they must be built on OpenGL, or be converted from DirectX to OpenGL. This unfortunately means that Mac gamers will not get the benefit of the older, more complete DirectX. However, with Steam making a big push to bring gaming to the Mac in a huge way, it is possible that OpenGL may be improved upon as time goes on.

    The Steam client for Mac has not yet released, but the client's files are already up on Valve's webserver and are able to be downloaded, though it seems as though, due to it not actually being released, that the client is perpetually in an Offline state. This should be remedied once Valve begins prepping for release later today. It's not even lunchtime at their studio in Washington, so we should see Steam for Mac released later today.

    Valve's website, showing an advertisement for Steam + Mac. You can click the image to read the original official statement Valve released on March 8th.
    Link to confirm of the May 12th release date.
    Gizmodo article which shows where to download the client.
    My Desktop, showing the steam icon in the lower right, for proofs.
    Screen shot 2010-&#4.jpg

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    Re: Steam: Now for Mac!

    Update: has just been updated with the new Mac-specific store as well as official download links for the Mac client.
    Working on trying to get the client fully working for me, I'll post screenshots when I get it settled.

    Update: Client having as-of-yet unsolved issue, not launching at all after an initial update. Working on some Macs, and not on others, and doesn't seem to differ between OS 10.5 Leopard/10.6 Snow Leopard. Will update when I find a fix, or Valve gives an update.

    Update: Working! If there are any Mac Steam users here, go to your Font Book application (Applications > Font Book), and enable the Tahoma font (or disable then enable) and restart Steam. This is all that should need to be done.
    Below are screenshots of it's glory! (Changed my background back to the Snow Leopard default, yes).

    Screen shot 2010-&#4.jpg Screen shot 2010-&#4.jpg Screen shot 2010-&#4.jpg
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      Re: Steam: Now for Mac!

      An update regarding the successes of the Steam for Mac launch.

      With the initial Steam Hardware Survey results of new Mac users coming in, with some interesting new numbers.

      - Roughly two thirds of all Steam Mac users are running on a laptop.
      - Portal (with the same code base across platforms) is one fifth as likely to crash on a Mac than on Windows.
      - And one week after launch, already more than eleven percent of all Steam purchases are for the Mac.
      The first bit of data is interesting to hear. I know I myself am running on a Macbook Pro, and I would assume that there are many other people who use their Macbooks alongside a PC desktop, or using their Macbook as the desktop PC. The second I found funny, again perpetuating the "Mac's can't crash" mantra. And the third is quite interesting. 11% of Steam purchases are for the Mac! That's pretty significant; hopefully this number will rise quickly after the initial flood. Something to note, is that the Steam Hardware Survey has apparently become somewhat of an industry benchmark, so these results may show quite a bit of reason for Mac gaming support to rise.

      "You'll be able to dig deeper into those numbers sometime next month, which is when we're planning to ship the complete report. After that it will be automatically updated each month with new survey data."


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        Re: Steam: Now for Mac!

        Kind of late now that macs use the same technology as everyone else. A boot managers fixes all your troubels.


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          Re: Steam: Now for Mac!

          But it doesn't. A Windows boot partition means you can't keep your programs from your mac available, means you must spend around 2 minutes waiting before you can open up a game, means you're forced to rely on having a Windows copy along with your Mac OS X.

          Now with Mac for Steam, we can play games without having to be annoyed by any of the above. It will also mean that technology will thrive by competition: DirectX is Microsoft, so OpenGL, the cross-platform framework, will have to step up to the throne and take it's place relatively soon, and for good reason; OpenGL 4.0 is just about as sophisticated as DirectX, and has been for quite some time. This will also open up opportunity for Linux users to be able to play these same games soon, especially with the coming Steam for Linux client.

          All of this will bring Windows down to level with the other OSes and allow for much more diverse computer configurations.




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