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A new opportunity for a new life ...

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  • A new opportunity for a new life ...

    *** Dont take this to seriusly, nothing decided yet.

    ** I would like to give "serving" a try but my country is a bit backwards about this kinda thing atm.

    * So anyone have any toughts about this please post!

    I'm thinking about puting my life on hold for 5 years, go down to france and join the legion.
    I understand that it's not that simple, I've never served or been near a warzone.
    Also I'm a romantic.
    I still have some lose ends and sutch so at the earlyest it would be at the start of 2011.

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    Re: A new opportunity for a new life ...

    Well i can tell you this. They have very good and solid methods of choosing professional soldiers. It's more like you trying out. It's not exactly a cake walk joining any modern military.

    They really drill you on your willingness to give it all. You probably couldn't even tell at the moment if you are there but they would certainly find out.

    With that said the legion i'm not really familiar with so I can't help you on their specific process.

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      Re: A new opportunity for a new life ...

      Get in touch with TangoWrangler about the Legion.

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        Re: A new opportunity for a new life ...

        I Have a friend between 40 to 50 yrs old who was in there, and deployed in various locations mostly in eastern Europe/Asia as far as he tells me (basically all kinds of countries ending in -stan).

        Well a friend is much said. At first I thought he was a totally crazy addict or something. Now I realize he is a really strong rather smart person with a severe case of PTSD from his time in "the legion" as he calls it..

        Consider carefully man. It is no joke. I think it is a place for people who have absolutely nothing to lose, and a place where your life is worth less as a soldier then in any other civilized country.




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