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  • Hey, I'm new.

    Hey guys, i just joined a few days ago, and was wondering where you guys are based? also, how do i join an official TG squad as i've always wanted to go running around in BC2 with 3 guys watching my back owning the other team. By what i've seen TG looks like my sort of community, so can anybody help me out? Thanks.

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    Re: Hey, I'm new.

    if you want to join our community, you MUST read and agree to our primer, the most important document to our community. here is the primer

    if you want to join an In house squad, for example, the 55th, Mth, 70th, etc, u have to be a supporting member. the only ihs u can join without being a SM is the Irregs.

    Also we have members all over the world. so we arent rly "based" anywhere. we're a global community. abide by our primer and rules, and u are more then welcome here.


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      Re: Hey, I'm new.

      I already agreed to the primer, it all seems cool to me.
      So with the Irregs, do you still get to play with squads together and stuff like all the other IHS's?
      I might be a SM once or twice to see if it's worth it.
      How often does TG play together in BC2?
      EDIT: Sorry for all the questions


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        Re: Hey, I'm new.

        Hi! TG doesn't have organised BC2 play times as such - occasionally there are scrimmages ('official' matches - you have to sign up on the forums for them) but most of the time the server is populated. You can check up on Gametracker (Server 1 - Rush and Conquest, Server 2 - Conquest, Server 3 - Mixed Hardcore) to see if the servers are populated or not.
        There's nothing to stop you from joining a squad in-game, it's not like only people in the 70th can join a squad led by a member of the 70th or anything like that.
        The Irregs (short for 'Irregulars') is an in-house squad that doesn't require members to be supporting members (people who donate a little under $10 per month to pay for the servers, web hosting etc.), they operate fairly similarly to other IHSs but the main difference is that there are fewer organised sessions as many of the Irregs are unable to confirm times when they are able to play - hence irregular.
        I recommend joining one of the servers when you feel like playing and joining a TG-led squad. Also teamspeak is a really great way to work better as a team - the in-game voice communications are a bit broken currently.
        Teamspeak info.
        Just out of curiosity, what is your in-game name?
        Finally, welcome to TG!
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          Re: Hey, I'm new.

          Hello and welcome to TG! Beleive me when I tell you that you are never going to have to look for a new community again, ever.

          I highly suggest you join the Irregs if you want a great starting experience, and you can find their forums here: Irregulars

          As for the TG playing times in BC2, we are usually pretty active from around 3:00 pm EST to nearly 2:00 am EST.

          I would also suggest you check out our PR, Arma, and 2142 sections as you can find great people playing those games and it can be more fun to switch back and forth between two games then simply one at times.

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            Re: Hey, I'm new.

            Ok cool thanks for all the info. I got to say i'm impressed how you guys were willing to help me out, some other communities are... not as good as you guys.
            Is there anything i have to do other than read the primer to be in the Irregs? My in-game name is 'NMK TeamTactical' for BC2.
            That's the main game i play, however i also like GTA4 and Civ4 (plus the left for deads but i don't know if you guys play that one).
            Finally, one last question. I'm sure the answer will be yes, but can i be in an external clan (NMK for CoD6) at the same time being in TG?
            thanks for all the help, everyone that posted.


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              Re: Hey, I'm new.

              Well, you cant just automatically join up with the Irregs. It's an "apply and get selected" process. To read more about it, go here:
              Make sure to click the "tips on getting into the irregs faster" link in the first post as well. Basically, start playing games on the TG servers (you're welcome on any of them), make yourself known, abide by the primer and squad up with people in the Irregs when you see them on to get your name out there a bit more. Having a good solid rep around here will expedite the process. Later on, if you pick up a supporting member, you can always get picked up by one of the other in-house squads. The Irregs serve as a jumping off point for lots of people at TG, but there are also those who have been in the irregs for years and wouldnt ever consider a change.

              As far as the outside clan thing goes, TG is a community, not a clan, so you're more than welcome to have any affiliation you want! We have lots of clans who play solely on TGs servers and are active in the community. We even have people in clans that are supporting members here! However, the only groups officially supported by TG are the in-house squads. Also, if you plan on wearing the TG tags, you're expected to abide by the TG primer and ethos on any server you play on while wearing the tags. Just FYI on that end.

              Again, to echo everyone else so far, welcome to TG! Feel free to poke around and dont hesitate to post up in any forum, everyone's words are valued equally around here!


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                Re: Hey, I'm new.

                Yep, i posted an application so hopefully Zantheus sees it and let's me in.
                Again, thanks for all the help, i'm off to the forums!


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                  Re: Hey, I'm new.

                  Welcome to TG.

                  See you on the battlefield.
                  We are not apologetic for who we are. What we can do, however, is educate people so that they fear us for the right reasons.


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                    Re: Hey, I'm new.

                    Welcome to TG!


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                      Re: Hey, I'm new.



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                        Re: Hey, I'm new.

                        For Left 4 Dead, we have quite a few people around who play. Add "drbeat71" to your friends list and we can play sometime.




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