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  • This Memorial Day

    This Memorial Day I would like to take a moment to honor the fallen heroes of our Armed Forces. Alot of soldiers have paid the ultimate price for our freedom and we need not forget them. These are the soldiers of Bravo Company "Bayonets" that I had the privilege to serve with , all of these soldiers never left the battlefield:

    Captain Paine OIF 05-07
    Captain Cox OIF 05-07
    Sgt Jazemine OIF 05-07
    Sgt Mayne OIF 07-09
    Spc Lee OIF 05-07
    Spc Novak OIF 05-07
    Spc Smith OIF 05-07
    Spc Mason OIF 05-07
    Spc Dorsey OIF 07-09

    All of them where great young men that gave their lives in defense of our nation. They didnt think twice about going, and knew what might be asked of them. So please remember my battle buddies and all the other soldiers that aren't here with us. Take this time to find and thank a veteran and show him that you care.

    Spc(P) Black
    Operation Iraqi Freedom 2005-2007; 2007-2009
    68W - Combat Medic


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    Re: This Memorial Day

    In time of War, they heeded the call
    They took up arms"Freedom For All"
    They went to serve in a far away land
    In battles they fought, they took a stand

    In honor of Country, their duty they performed
    For those who died, our Country sadly mourned
    There were many who fell and gave their lives
    Leaving behind children, mothers, fathers and wives

    They fought the fight to "Let Freedom Ring"
    In honor of that, their praises we sing
    To those who died, we salute you all
    And give our thanks for heeding the call


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      Re: This Memorial Day
      Originally posted by Article Excerpt
      Seven minutes into our first patrol in Ramadi, the point man was shot in the throat. The wounded Marine apologized to his lieutenant for getting hit. Then he went unconscious.

      Another day at war, another firefight, another casualty. After the confusion and chaos of our brush with combat, I couldn't stop wondering: What did this Marine's sacrifice accomplish? We didn't kill or detain any al Qaeda operatives. We didn't discover any hidden weapons caches. Ramadi didn't feel any safer because of our presence. So what was the point? In past wars, the answer to "Why do you, or we, fight?" was easy. In World War II, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Nazis' expansion, provided a call to action. Today, it isn't so clear.
      This is an article written by a very good friend of mine from high school, Tom Daly. He, his brother Dan, and me were the only three people from my graduating class to be awarded NROTC scholarships for college. Tom and Dan both became marines, and both served in iraq and afghanistan. Tom recently wrote a book called Rage Company about his experiences in Ramadi during the mid-iraqi campaign. Both the book and the article are a good read in lieu of the holiday.

      To all of our brave fighting men and women around the world, to all of those who have served, fought and sacrificed and continue to do so to protect and secure freedom, not only for ourselves, but for millions of people around the globe, I salute you.


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        Re: This Memorial Day

        Wow, Dredge. Thank you for your service and the sacrifices of your fellow men. They are all in my prayers, and their sacrifices are not in vain. Thank you for listing them. Gone, but not forgotten.
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          Re: This Memorial Day

          For the navy folks:

          Let it never be said that we don't remember,
          What Submariners have done since that day in December.
          The sun shown bright on that Pearl Harbor morning.
          When the enemy attacked with little or no warning.

          The Tautog was there with no time to think,
          And splashed one Japanese plane right down in the drink.
          She sent twenty-six ships to the depths of the sea,
          And came to be known as the "Terrible T."

          The Sealion at Cavite was the first to be caught,
          She was moored to a pier but bravely she fought.
          Two bombs exploded, through the hull they did rip.
          And many brave submariners died in their ship.

          There were many proud boats like the Perch and the Finback.
          The Kraken, the Haddock, the Scamp, and the Skipjack.
          We remember the Halibut, Blenny, and Darter.
          And never forget Sam Dealey in Harder.

          Cutter and Seahorse's torpedoes ran true,
          She targeted the enemy and sank many Marus.
          And although the enemy was quite filled with hate,
          "Red" Ramage and Parche showed many their fate.

          "Mush" Morton and Wahoo never backed down from a fight.
          Fluckey and Barb entered Namkwan Harbor one night.
          Many airman were saved by O'Kane and the Tang.
          Some owe their lives to Seafox, Tigrone, and Trepang.

          We remember the honorable boat called Barbel.
          Before she was lost, she gave the enemy hell.
          The Sturgeon, the Trigger, the Pollack had heart.
          The Torsk made the last two frigates depart.

          Nowadays the cold war seems to be a big factor,
          And submarines are powered by nuclear reactors.
          The proud names are still there, the Tautog did shine,
          But her hull number by then, was Six Thirty Nine.

          Many boats gave their all with heroic namesakes,
          Like Thresher, Scorpion, Nautilus, and Skate.
          The Seadragon, Swordfish, Richard B. Russell and Dace.
          Have all stood out to sea and heard the enemies trace.

          We remember "Forty-One For Freedom" whose patrols couldn't fail.
          The George Washington, Andrew Jackson, and Nathan Hale.
          Now the Alaska and Nebraska and other Tridents are here.
          They patrol the deep oceans so aggressive nations have fear.

          There are new boats on the line called Cheyenne and Wyoming.
          They will all do us proud like the old Gudgeon and Grayling.
          So take time each day and think of the past,
          Then toast the new Seawolf, for she's quiet and fast.

          Let it never be said that we don't remember,
          What submariners have done since that day in December.
          The sun still shines bright every Pearl Harbor Morning.
          But never forget the enemy attacks without warning.

          By John Chaffey, Powell, WY
          SSN639, SSN687, SSBN619

          "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. " - Albert Einstein




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