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  • Polaroid beware

    This morning I woke to do my usual surfing, but my Polaroid TV/Monitor would only display a white screen. Using my wife's laptop my research into the problem revealed many people having the same problem with many of the LCD tv's just after the 1 year warranty. Even those still under warranty are having issues with replacements , or repairs or even the company claiming that upon receiving the broken product the screens where busted and then filed an insurance claim through UPS, and sent back a refurbished product to the consumer. Also the company has filed bankruptcy and now owned buy many smaller companies. This makes me very angry because now I have a 350.00 picture frame with no picture. Thought I would pass on the warning to stay away from Polaroid. It is sad that before purchasing any product you have to do research into a company even one as familiar as Polaroid before you buy.

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    Re: Polaroid beware

    The polaroid name is leased to companies to slap on their cheap pacific rim garbage to give the impression of history. Fools the old folks all the time.

    Polaroid doesn't actual make any electronics.


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      Re: Polaroid beware

      They used to, but haven't in probably the last 15-20 years.

      Can't trust those Polaroid and Zenith monitors. Got a older Zenith LCD upstairs. Bought it on a whim thinking it was a great deal to come with a TV tuner. Died 29 days later.
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