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  • Serious and uncomplicated

    Understanding the fact that TG has many players, and Mods are really non existant, I wonder if a real appreciation for the engine can be experienced. Is there not a simple problem solving method to keep runaways from ruining a good mission filled with great mods, or an SF mission with fantastic weaponry. The real reason for Arma 2 is the ability to mod it, which TG does well. It would be so much more enjoyable to have some more choices available. I have enjoyed many a night at TG without specialty weapon Mods and will enjoy many more., but it would be really nice to have some weapons to choose from and maybe a few more modules like MMA etc. Real grunts would never turn down an upgrade. I also understand the crate issues, but there must be an answer for that too.

    Very respectfully
    Splinta/ AS
    Old GR guy
    Dead men don't talk or lead.

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    Re: Serious and uncomplicated

    This should be moved to the Arma section, also I can tell you we have tried alot of mods and it caused alot of problems. At this time we feel Arma2+Ace has giving us plenty of content and do not plan on adding more. Please continue to play and enjoy our servers.




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