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  • Need To Kill Some Time?

    Go here:

    This website "Dialectizes" web pages and makes them pretty funny to read. A few snippets from the TG website:

    I gots neva' hacked befo'e, and ah' duzn't intend to, even dough ah' feel tempted due t'my inferio' FPS skills. But ah' am seein' SO many sucka's reso'tin' t'hackin' now, so cut me some slack, Jack. While playin' Combat Arms, ah' see some hacka' in nearly every room, sometimes MORE THAN ONE.
    Red Orchestra is back at TG wif a vengeance! Seemin'ly on overnight players haf started t'play agin, an' is startin' t'remember jest how much fun this hyar game acshully is.

    On account o' of th' surge in gamer populashun, a 24/7 TG Darkess Hour Servah was set up. Complete wif tweaked settin's fo' our style of play, a few extry maps (mo'e bein' added daily), an' a few other nif'y features.
    I recently bought me a new gamin' laptop. It's all well and cool. I can run BC2 and evryfink else like a dream, but Me faiffful copy of Permier 6.5 will just NOT install on a x64 system......*sob* all these years......

    So, right, wot are some recommendations, isit?I mean, right, I could just cop some new premier version, but are there any uvver options. I know about vegas, right, but I've always liked adobe. I'm bloody well just wonderin' if there's any uvver good players in the field....and if any fairy just 'APPENS ter have any version of premier that will install on Win 7 x64 they're willin' ter part wiv.
    It even comes complete wif a text box so yo' kin spice up yer late night posts!

    So, have at it! Post up your best "Dialections" :)


    KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...

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    Re: Need To Kill Some Time?

    i dun't knoo vhet tu vreete-a. i hes boocket. Um de hur de hur de hur.


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      Re: Need To Kill Some Time?

      \/\/ MAN, THT"S TOTALLY WSEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~ 4 LITT7E OLD TH0UGH!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~ BEE NA0RUND FRO 4GES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~~ rnhxxf or finding it again!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ hack the plnanat bdcaies yoU suX0r smoewhar3 therE si one that does 4 lot of this for technical manualz 4Nd sTuffd~~~~ THEIR IS AZ RATIO ODNR RIPE MWEO FF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~

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      DICE needs to make a comical boxing glove attached to a spring punch the player in the face 40% of the time they get into a helicopter or jet.


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        Re: Need To Kill Some Time?

        Ugh, that's pretty old. Not even remotely funny without some good ol' pirate sounding voice actor reading it...
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          Re: Need To Kill Some Time?

          Originally posted by Acreo Aeneas View Post
          Ugh, that's pretty old. Not even remotely funny without some good ol' pirate sounding voice actor reading it...
          You awe no fun, siw!




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