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Teamspeak - Unfair ban

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  • Teamspeak - Unfair ban

    I was on teamspeak and joined a random channel and they were playing a game in and then I was talking to them and then all I heard was :

    my TS username : DemonCookie

    "Hey DemonCookie, you're not in the game"

    The next thing I know an admin named neil comes in the channel and instantly perma-bans me with reason "spamming channels when not in the game"

    Ok I would understand if I was loud, kept talking or did something disruptive but all I ddi was join the channel and talk a little bit, there was no SPAM involved.

    Unless by 'SPAM' you mean off-topic, then sure, on your public team speak server I was off-topic in a channel by trying to be friendly.

    So I request that I be unbanned immediatly unless they have proof I even did anything so wrong it deserves an instant ban?

    Such a joke to treat new members this way.

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    Re: Teamspeak - Unfair ban

    Demon, I can understand your frustration with being banned. However, two things I need to point out to you:
    1. The game channels on the teamspeak server are specifically for in-game communications. Friendly or not, idle chatter can interfere with game comms. I was watching over my brother's (Nomad) shoulder yesterday when you were in the BC2 channel for a length of time chatting. Nobody seemed to mind then because there were only 4 people in channel, but that isnt always the case.

    2. Concerning the ban specifically, admin matters are not taken up in public at TG, ever. We have a "Contact An Admin" forum for discussing these matters. It can be found here. Posting there will get the matter addressed quickly. Public threads concerning bans, such as this one, are usually locked/deleted very quickly.

    Sorr you're having a tough start at TG, but I hope it doesnt sour you on the community. Stuff happens, y'know? :)




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