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Discuss: AMD HD68xx Cards (Namely the HD6870 and the HD6850)

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  • Discuss: AMD HD68xx Cards (Namely the HD6870 and the HD6850)

    Reference: [Hardware Canucks] AMD's HD6870 and HD6850 Reviewed

    Instead of plopping this with the 3D thread, I decided to start a fresh one to discuss the new 6800 series which surprising isn't a complete replacement yet for the current 5800 series. However, the two cards released offer a better price-to-performance ratio than the cards they replace.

    For example, the HD6850 can be had for about $180 on NewEgg and is deemed a replacement for my still rather new HD5830, but at higher resolutions, it start outperforming by card by a sizable margin (10+ fps on average and 8+ for minimum). I say sizable because I'm looking at 1920 x 1200 resolution and my 5830 sometimes barely pulls 25 fps on average while the new 6850 pulls ahead at 30-35+ fps.

    On the other front, the cards are shorter than their relatives and perhaps even draw less power.

    Would you guys be willing to part with your HD5830s and HD5850s to buy one of these new cards for the slight boost in framerates?

    What do you guys think of the new cards? Think AMD will eventually replace the entire 5800 series with the 6800 series?

    How do you think nVidia will respond? Would any of the nVidia users abandon nV in favor of these new AMD cards?
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    Re: Discuss: AMD HD68xx Cards (Namely the HD6870 and the HD6850)

    The Radeon 68xx cards are meant to replace the current Radeon 58xx cards even though they don't outperform them. AMD will continue selling the Radeon 57xx series of cards and also introduce a Radeon 69xx series to represent the new high end. If you already own a 58xx series card, it would be a waste of money to upgrade to a 68xx card. You'd be better off waiting to see how the Radeon 69xx cards perform.

    nvidia has already responded by lowering the prices on the Geforce GTX 460 1GB, 768MB models as well as the GTX 470. They're also pushing the factory overclocked GTX 460 1GB cards as competitors to the Radeon HD 6870.
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      Re: Discuss: AMD HD68xx Cards (Namely the HD6870 and the HD6850)

      It honestly does not look like the NVIDIA stuff is comparable as far as price and performance..or am I missing something?


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        Re: Discuss: AMD HD68xx Cards (Namely the HD6870 and the HD6850)

        i think its important to note that performance wise these 6870s will be replacing the 5770s and 5830s. the 6970s and 6950s performance wise will be the 5870 and 5850 replacements. stupid name change is stupid but people with say a 5870 shouldnt think oh a 6870? great this will be a nice boost. because it wont.




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