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help installing X800XL vid card

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  • help installing X800XL vid card

    Trying to install an X800 XL card in my computer and nothing happening. No display when I plug moniter into X800...

    System specs

    Intel Celeron D 2.4Ghz
    Asrock P4i45GV motherboard intel 845GV chipset (iirc)
    400W power supply
    1 gb DDR ram

    Someone please help I am one step away from letting Future shop try to install it.

    I ran driverclean to get rid of my old forceware drivers and am currently running computer of onboard video.


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    Re: help installing X800XL vid card

    You may have to disable your onboard video directly in the bios and enable your pci/ agp slot.


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      Re: help installing X800XL vid card

      have you plugged the extra power cable in?

      try clearing the CMOS (should be a jumper somewhere)

      try the old card again, and see what happens?
      From Adam Webb


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        Re: help installing X800XL vid card

        As stated above you need to connect to your power supply (should be a four pin molex, or match to whatever connector is on your 3D card).

        If you have already done this, start up your PC with your case open and see if the fan spins on the card. If it doesn't then it could be your power supply not giving enough power. You say it's 400W but if it's not a good make then it may not be giving enough power on all voltage rails.

        I had a similar problem when I installed my 6600GT and bought a 420W Enermax and now it runs no problem.

        Worth looking at this first though.



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          Re: help installing X800XL vid card

          mobo was bad :(

          so went ahed and got AMD3000+ with 6600 256mb PCI-E card. just need to re-install windows and should be happy.




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