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Getting a PC next week or next month, either custom built or pre-made, budget >$1500

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  • Getting a PC next week or next month, either custom built or pre-made, budget >$1500

    Okay first of all, I am currently on my dad's computer since mine died. Anything less than $1500 would be great, and I want it to last for at least 5 years or more if possible >_<. My dad and I did some research, and the only thing we have so far is getting either the i7 960 or better, or phenom II X6...and for the graphics card, I had an idea of Nvidia 9800 GT or Radeon HD 5570. I would like a better graphics card if possible though! One that doesn't overheat easily as well...and possibly something compatible with Direct X 11.

    Now, I don't know the prices, and whenever I read reviews of this stuff, it gives me a I don't mean to be rude, but if you want to be detailed, please keep in mind that I am a COMPLETE novice at computers. So much that the only terms I know are CPU, RAM, and PSU...anything else is another language. o.O

    I don't know if this question matters or not...but what frame rate is desirable for games? I don't really plan on playing stuff like Crysis or MW2...or even BF3. But some of the free games that are coming out in 2011 or 2012 might demand a gamer's rig o.O...I still want a high-end computer that's affordable because of that fact.

    Um...sadly, that's all I got for now. If it helps, I got a few links for some computers I had in mind...if you need more info you can either tell me here (which I may not respond often due to the fact that it's my dad's computer), or PM me. I don't know whether to get a custom-built computer or something that's pre-made from a store...If it helps, I live in Washington o.O

    Note: I tried using cyberpowerpc, but the customizations are very very confusing to me o.O...also, something I heavily stress out...I want the PC to be a QUIET PC...if that's possible with gaming computers. Also, if there is ANYTHING important that I left out, feel free to address it. =D

    Thanks for your time ^^

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    Re: Getting a PC next week or next month, either custom built or pre-made, budget &gt;$1

    I been researching like crazy for the last 2 months or so. If you want something fast and fairly quite, you are better off getting the amd and ati card as that way is cheaper then the i7 and Nvidia. You will have to buy a cheaper case, 1tb or smaller hard drive, only 3-4 gigs of ram and so on.

    I priced out the higher end intel, higher end vid card, 12 gigs ram, ssd main drive with a 1-2 one tb drives, good case, external sound card and so on with a monitor and good gaming headset, and i am looking at a minimum of $3000 and this computer will last me a minimum of 2-3 years before any upgrades are really needed. I might want to up grade sooner but wont need to.

    So for you to want to spend $1500 on a budget, it won't play most games in a year or 2 and you will find it out dated really quick. My thoughts are save for awhile and buy a littler higher end stuff and that way you could play the games and it will last a little longer before upgrading again.

    This is my 2 cents and take it as you will. Just trying to help.


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      Re: Getting a PC next week or next month, either custom built or pre-made, budget &gt;$1

      First, don't bother with a 960. It is a waste of money. Instead go with the i7 950.
      -If you live next to Microcenter it is only $200 instead of $300 online.
      -Can be overclocked to much faster than the 960 is at stock anyway (I have my i7 920 overclocked to 4Ghz which outperforms the 960 by a lot)

      For graphics cards, well right now it is really up to you considering the 6870 and GTX 470 have roughly the same performance. You could also go with either a GTX 480, 570, or 580. Frankly this new gen is too new to make any conclusions yet.

      However if you want the best price/performance ratio for a GPU, I would think the GTX 460 would be optimal.


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        Re: Getting a PC next week or next month, either custom built or pre-made, budget &gt;$1

        Are you going to be able to reuse your old case? If so that could save you $60 - $100.

        Also, are you able to reuse -- for now -- your old GPU? If you don't have any GPU intensive games you are currently playing, you are far better off purchasing the GPU as close to the time you start playing those games as possible. If you purchase a GPU today for a game you are going to be playing 8 months from now, your 2nd or 3rd tier GPU could already be a 3rd or 4th tier GPU. Or alternately, if the GPU you would purchase today would still be powerful enough for you 8 month from now, it would be cheaper to purchase it then.
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          Re: Getting a PC next week or next month, either custom built or pre-made, budget &gt;$1

          You mentioned you wanted it to last 5 years. First off neither AMD nor Intel's current platforms will be upgradable (as in CPU wise) in another 2-3 years, much less 5 years.

          As for which platform, I honestly feel AMD's the platform to go with. You're not paying a hefty premium for Intel's 2-10% performance difference and getting saddled with a platform that's going to be dead by the time summer rolls around (as two new platforms will replace the current 1156 and 1366 sockets).

          Secondly, what is it you plan on doing on your new rig? Gaming? What games? What resolution? What settings? School work? What sort of programs do you see yourself using? Are you entering college soon? Have you decided the general field your major will be in (Computer Science, Business Management, Fine Arts, etc)?
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