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Gaming with 3G Verizon/Sprint

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  • Gaming with 3G Verizon/Sprint

    Hello guys. I'm in the Army and we are currently moving to a new barracks. However, it is unclear when we might be able to get our cable broadband internet installed.

    I was wondering if going with Sprint or Verizon 4G mobile notebook internet could handle online gaming with Battlefield 2 and more specifically Project Reality?

    If not is there another option I might have?


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    Re: Gaming with 3G Verizon/Sprint

    Damonte would not encourage it. It's very likely your ping will be worse than playing on a land line in Europe (no offense to our TG Euros).

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      Re: Gaming with 3G Verizon/Sprint

      It depends on the network load. I played on a verizon card (which I loved) and averaged about 70 ping. On days with high traffic it gets higher, but you can get some decent pings with them.


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        Re: Gaming with 3G Verizon/Sprint

        does proximity to tower / signal strength influence this at all? or is it a simple function of network load?

        Also, I would assume gaming traffic is rather light bandwidth-wise... but could it reach towards the multiple gigabyte range within a month?

        Edit: nm on the second question...

        5KB/s x 60 seconds x 60 minutes = 17.57 MB / hour
        744 hours in a 31 day month
        gaming 24 hrs a day for 31 days, you are looking at 12.77 gigs
        -------more realistically, (though I would hope still very high)
        4 hours a day for 31 days is 2.13 gigs
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          Re: Gaming with 3G Verizon/Sprint

          I've played L4D2 on a USB tether over my Moto Droid on a really weak 3G signal before. The ping was a bit high but it was playable so I would hope that a dedicated card would do better. Just make sure you have good signal strength before you go that route.
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            Re: Gaming with 3G Verizon/Sprint

            I used the Verizon MIMO router (more or less a cell phone with a fancy case, really) for roughly a year on very...very bad signal. To put it bluntly, you really don't want to game on it. I don't know personally since I escaped their shenanigans to a real connection but I assume they're still enforcing the bull**** 5 GB monthly usage "unlimited" plan for the 4G (my aforementioned connection was on their 3G, so it may be different for all I know).

            One of the things to look out for? If you use Steam, shut off ALL automatic updating you don't intend to use actively, of which the BIGGEST offender is Team Fortress 2. "Oh hey, let's add another hat! Send out another 150 MB update!" Similarly, set Windows Update to not immediately download updates (though you should make a point of getting necessary ones). Just using Windows 7/Vista, you can burn through more than 100 MB a week.


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              Re: Gaming with 3G Verizon/Sprint

              At 5 GBs a month of monthly transfer, game lightly. 5 GBs goes really quick with the typically long gaming sessions in PR.

              (I average about 15-20 GBs in a month's worth of moderate (~5 hours a day, 5 out of 7 days) online gaming only to give you an idea of how quickly that bandwidth will disappear.)

              Now if you're data plan offers more or is unlimited, obviously game as much as you want. :)
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