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How to improve my shocking FPS ?

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  • How to improve my shocking FPS ?

    Hey there guys,

    Not always the best first post to a forum, but i guarantee, I'm not here for just info then i'll be gone again, thats just not how I roll :)

    Anyways, my Main system is FUBAR, so i'd decided to fix up my old system which now sits at this spec.

    Windows Vista Home Premium
    - Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q6600 2.4GHZ
    - 8MB of cache
    - 1066 MHz FSB
    - P5N -E LGA 775 Socket Motherboard with 2 conventional PCI, 3 PCI Express x1, 1 PCI Express x16 or 2 x 8 (SLI mode)
    - 2048MB DDR2 533 / 667 Mhz Memory
    - 500GB 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive
    - 8 in 1 Multimedia Card Reader
    - DVD+/-R9 optical drive
    - NVIDIA® GeForce® PNY 9800 GT 512MB Graphics Card
    - Realtek ALC 883 integraded sound card
    - Samsung SyncMaster T220 22" monitor.

    I believe the problem to be Hardware Related.Now I'm a huge battlefield fan and only recently decided to get BC2 as i get the feeling B2 is near its end. BUT I was horrified by the terrible FPS, I can barely play Medium on 1024x768, I get maybe 15-21 fps. 1680x1050 on any graphics level is unplayable at all! maybe 5-10 fps. the problem is, I'm seeing dudes on Youtube getting smoother fps quoting "30-40", running FRAPS and Max res, with the same GFX card and a Dual Core.

    I am wondering What upgrades I should make? The RAM is pretty basic, I don't know if thats what's holidng the PC back, or Is it because I'm running A cheap **** CPU, possibly 400w. DUMB QUESTION, I know, but would that boost FPS? I ain't using that PSU to 'get by' it came with the PC and only had to power an 8600GS previously.

    Thanks again guys.


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    Re: How to improve my shocking FPS ?

    Short suggestion:
    - add another 2 GBs of RAM
    - upgrade your video card (ex: HD5770) to play BC2 @ 1680 x 1050 on high

    Long explanation:

    Well, it sounds like you might have a lot of background programs eating up your available RAM. Ideally for today's games you should be running with 4 GBs. It's not that the games will use that much (most eat 1 GB or less), but it is people most people are clueless about this fact and usually have a slew of background processes eating up most of their free RAM.

    So knowing that, I'd probably look towards adding another 2 GBs. Since you're moving up to 4 GBs, you should also be running a 64-bit OS to take full advantage of that extra RAM (like Win7 x64).

    Another 2 GB stick should only cost about $20-30 on NewEgg.

    As for your 9800GT, I find it very hard to believe you're not able to play BC2 smoothly @ 1024 x 768. As you said yourself, others get smooth gameplay and I can contest that before my recent upgrade, I was able to play BC2 on medium-high settings smoothly @ 1280 x 1024 (C2D E8400, 4 GBs of RAM, 8800GT).

    You should look at upgrading your graphics card to at least a HD5750 or HD5770. These two cards would allow you to smoothly play BC2 at medium-to-high settings on most 22" monitors @ 1680 x 1050.
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      Re: How to improve my shocking FPS ?

      The CPU clockspeed is slowing you down. While BFBC2 uses 3-4 cores it does not get a linear increase from each additional core. If you can push the speed up to 2.8-3 you should see a substantial performance boost.
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        Re: How to improve my shocking FPS ?

        Acreo and Namebot are both right. You would really benefit from some additional RAM, 4GB total at least and possibly overclocking your processor. Video card could be better, but honestly it should be able to get you by at 1680x1050 at low settings.
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          Re: How to improve my shocking FPS ?

          Originally posted by DrFapovalot View Post
          - 2048MB DDR2 533 / 667 Mhz Memory
          Well thar's your problem.

          The 9800GT isn't that far below my 260GTX and it should be more than capable of handling BC2. I'm pretty confident that your memory amount is bottlenecking the system.


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            Re: How to improve my shocking FPS ?

            First up, welcome to the forum. All the guys here are more than happy to help a fellow gamer get his rig running right. Just means more people to shoot at in game :row__645::row__523:

            Folks above are all right, but the main limitation is the RAM.
            I had to run Vista for a few weeks with only 2gig of RAM while the other 2gig was out on an RMA, and it sucked. And I'm running top of the line Corsair Dominator. Even playing old BF2 was laggy. Soon as my ram cam back and I dropped it in, it was like night and day better. Remember if you computer runs out of memory, it starts trying to use your harddrive as virtual memory. It works, and can really help if you were doing something like hardcore photoshop and FPS doesn't matter. But gaming will make you hate playing. Your trying to game and your OS is trying to keep running, and there isn't enough RAM for both with only 2 gigs and a modern game like BC2.

            I would suggest you get rid of your old ram completly and get 4 gigs of some faster ram. Some like DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) would be an easy for sure fit. You might be able to use 1066, but your motherboard could have some compatibility problems and it would cost more. I looked up your motherboard's user manual, and it looks like it was written before 1066 memory was released because it only talks about 800 speed.
            You can find the pdf file here if you don't have your manual:

            Here is a link to newegg DDR2 memeory:
            List is selected to show the best rated first.
            You can click on the DDR2-800 on the left to narrow it down more.
            Something like this for $55 after rebate would be very good:

            Also, if your Vista is only 32bit, as said above you might want to just go ahead and grab Windows7 64bit. If you are a student you can get it for crazy cheap, like $69. I have seen it for sale online for $89 if your not in school.

            Try fixing the memory 1st, and maybe upgrade windows, and then get back to us about how your FPS is doing. If more needs fixing, we will go from there. By the way, that CPU (q6600) is still really good and will be fine for BC2. If you do upgrade the gfx. card, we will have to look at a new power supply though.


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