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my DVD drive fualty?

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  • my DVD drive fualty?

    so i got this Samsung DVD - +R SATA on newegg holiday sale for $15. but the problem im running to is a few things.

    when i pop in a disc it reads it but i hear this really bad humming sound.

    and a few times i try to play a dvd movie it stops Nero Showtime cold and when i try to eject the disc it never opens ( i wait about 10min) the try and the humming sounds still coming from the DVD drive. the only way for my to get the disc out is to turn off my PC and get a pin and stick it into the hole and ge the tray open.

    and once i trun on my PC and pop in the disc again it works fine.

    so can my DVD drive be faulty? i never heard a really annoying humming sounds from a drive before and i never had a dvd drive never wants to open after a few pushes.

    thanks guys
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    Re: my DVD drive fualty?

    Sounds faulty to me, either RMA or just buy a new one. Dvd drives are cheap these days.


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      Re: my DVD drive fualty?

      It's either faulty or Nero is at fault. Try using VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player classic for your media playback needs. They play well with almost every drive in existence and are both free, easy to use, and offer the ability to play HD movies and shows.

      Also, you don't need to power off your system to use the pin hole on your drive. All you have to do is press the eject key, push the paper clip end in, and the drive platter will pop out.
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