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Think my CPU is breaking/finding problems

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  • Think my CPU is breaking/finding problems

    A consistently troublesome thing is occuring within my online expereiences. Games, seemingly in general, tend to lock up at times. Many times I'm trouble free, but other times, like most recently I went from a normal 30% CPU useage to 0-4% while playing PR. My game would recover temporarily only to go back again and lock up. Finally I just CTD'd.

    I have no idea how this part of my Computer works and fear that it is an issue with my computer and not the games I play.

    My CPU is a Quad Core by intel @ 2.4... my speed test justifies this and I can't replicate any issues...

    What could be my problem?

    (Also, if at all related, I load into online games incredibly slow given my CPU... think it might be that my HD is nearly full...)

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    Re: Think my CPU is breaking/finding problems

    When was the last time you wiped the hard rive clean and had a fresh install of everything?

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      Re: Think my CPU is breaking/finding problems

      I was also thinking it would be hard drive or OS related. If it were your CPU, you would be getting BSoD's I would think.

      If I were having the problem you describe, I would start with defragmenting your hard drive(s) and possibly a virus/spyware/malware scan. You could also run error checking on your drive.

      To access the disk defragmenter and error checking: Right click your drive in Windows Explorer, click Properties, click the Tools tab. Both of these operations could take quite a bit of time to run, depending on the size of your drive.



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        Re: Think my CPU is breaking/finding problems

        So I restarted the computer and I was able to play with little issue.

        I have not wiped my HDD clean in half a year? Something like that. I have a 300GB HDD and I attempted to defrag last weekend. Came back after nearly 7-10 hours and it was still not done... I just canceled it then.

        Will leave it on for about 20 hours now though... Thanks! I just feared the worse when I would see my CPU shrink down to 0% use...


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          Re: Think my CPU is breaking/finding problems

          Originally posted by Ytman View Post
          Came back after nearly 7-10 hours and it was still not done... I just canceled it then.
          If you're on XP and it's not done at that point, you've been needing it quite badly for awhile (or something else is afoot, but I'd rather go for the simple explanation).

          However, if you're on Vista or 7, barring any misguided "performance tweaks", the OS should be performing defragmentation during downtime. That said, doesn't mean anything might be wrong, just that it hasn't had much opportunity to do so.


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            Re: Think my CPU is breaking/finding problems

            If I may ask what exactly is going wrong? My HDD is bugging out bt this is normal and defrag helps it?


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              Re: Think my CPU is breaking/finding problems

              What temps do you get on your CPU, Video card ect when under load. There are free programs out there such as Speedfan ( May just need to clean the dust out or apply new thermo gew on the CPU. Speedfan will also show SMART data on your drives.
              In the past I have experienced stutters... short lock ups then computer working fine again when one of my hard drives was on the verge of death. Have you run a RAM diagnostic in DOS? Scanned computer for viruses?
              Running Scandisk and Def ragging hard drive (always to completion) is a good start too. Just let it run when you go to sleep or work. If it's not done when you wake up... go to work/school and hopefully it will be done then. It is better I have found to run hard drive scans and defrag when windows is in safe mode. Or pull the hard drive out and run scandisk/defrag/virus scan with the drive in another computer (as a slave). This way the OS/you are less likely to try to access files and interrupt the scan. Your OS is less likely to block access to files too if the drive is not being used by the OS. May even go faster too.

              Have a Q6600 2.4ghz and a sick hard drive was the culprit last time I had that kind of issue. Also was a 320gig drive (Seagate). Fastest way to find out... Just clone you HDD onto another and play. If it's a Seagate drive there is free software on their site for cloning your drive (Seagate*DiscWizard).

              Hope you can find the problem and it's something simple.
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                Re: Think my CPU is breaking/finding problems

                The amount of time it takes to defrag your hard drive is directly related to how much free hard drive space you have. You should try to free up space on your disk before you defrag again. Free up at least 10% if not more. Then try the defrag again with this program:

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                  Re: Think my CPU is breaking/finding problems

                  What sort of full load temps are you getting on your Q6600 Ytman? (It sounds like your have a C2D Q6600.)

                  If you don't know, there's a free tool that can easily tell you: CoreTemp. Download and install it, run your favorite game, wait it to stutter, then quit the game. Open up CoreTemp and look at what the high temp was for each core.

                  Depending on which revision of the Q6600 you have (B3 or G0), your maximum core temp should be either 62.2 C (B3 rev) or 71 C (G0 rev). (source:,SLACR)

                  In CoreTemp, it should tell your processor's revision. Now if you see one or more temps that go over the max core temp for your processor (again refer to the proper revision), then likely your CPU is throttling because of overheating, thus causing games to lock up and processor usage to float down to the single digits. The best solution in this case would be to get a good aftermarket cooler.

                  If none of your temps are over the maximum, then you have nothing to worry about CPU-wise. Next thing to go over would be your hard drive (and defrag suggestions above is a good way to start).
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