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Problems with drives

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  • Problems with drives

    Ive got a problem with two of my drives.

    First and most important is my CD-ROM drive, everytime i try to put in a CD it freezes my system. No BSOD just complete freeze. Im trying to update some drivers for it, but this made me to see a new problem.

    Problem two, i cant read/formatt a floppy disket. For some reason it doesnt allow it to work.

    The drivers for the CD need to be put on a floppy, and i cant find drivers for my floppy, it doesnt give me enough information on it to know what its make and model are. I have no money to buy a new one, and i dont have another sitting around the house.

    I do have 2 other CD rom drives, but i get the same problems with the both of them. One of them is external (DVD-Writer) and its plug and play, just connect via USB and it works. Only problem it freezes with any kind of activity.

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    Re: Problems with drives

    If you're getting the same problem with several drives than it's probably not the drives, but something with the PC. My 2 guesses would be either when the CDrom's come on and try to pull power from the 12V rail the PSU doesn't have enough power to give and the CPU or HDD get underpowered and lock, or you have the switches for master/slave/auto on the back of the cd-roms set wrong, and it's messing with your HDD (only a problem if you're using 2 devices on 1 IDE cable) I never had a floppy that needed it's own drivers to work, it usually pulled whatever it needed right from the bios. Plug and play, etc....

    Might be that your bios is goofy and not working the ide/floppy ports right, try updating it or flashing the cmos (resetting it).

    Other than that, nothing else comes to mind.

    Edit: Additional information would be helpful. is this a new problem on a previous working mobo, or are you installing a new mobo? just new drives? etc.
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      Re: Problems with drives

      Well the USB drive is working now, so im okay untill i get my new PSU, Antec 550wTruePower.

      And i do have another floppy drive, if things get worse ill stick that in and see if it works.




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