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  • Why: can you explain?

    As of late, I've really had to wonder about my dell laptop. Here is my question: When I touch my touch pad, it tingles. Why?

    What might be causing my finger to tingle when touching the touch pad, because this seriously doesn't seem right...

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    Re: Why: can you explain?

    More or less, we can narrow that down to two general areas.

    Mechanical causes:
    *Electrical short
    *Broken touch pad contacts -- Broken-off pieces under the pad might give the illusion of a "tingling" sensation under the fingers.
    *Location of the HDD -- Depending on the location of the HDD, you might be feeling it spinning.
    *Static build-up -- If your laptop's power supply is insufficiently grounded (basic check: does the plug/adapter have two or three prongs?), it may be building up static inside the case and discharging through you (should not occur--but still can--when unplugged and running on battery).

    Medical causes:
    *Beginning stages of Carpal Tunnel
    *Poor wrist posture over extended period of time (basically putting your finger to sleep//cutting off the blood supply)

    The two mechanical causes I put in bold are the most likely of anything from my list (I'm pretty much 90% certain it's probably static build-up from an ungrounded plug/adapter with ~9.9% chance of the HDD's spinning and <0.1% chance of the rest combined).




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