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"setup is preparing your computer for initial setup"

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  • "setup is preparing your computer for initial setup"

    So after fixing problem nr 1(

    I know have problem nr2. which is that my cousins pc is stuck at "setup is preparing your computer for initial setup".

    Every time i turn on the computer it loads that screen as it should to do it initial setup after restoring to factory settings. when its in the process of doing so an error message pops up stating " the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. windows installation cannot proceed. to install windows, click ok to restart computer, and then restart the installation"

    When I click ok it just goes through the same cycle again. any ideas? Only thing i can think of is that the trojan virus damaged some windows files so it cant setup properly eventhough the virus itself has been wiped off the pc.

    ideas are welcome:)

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    Re: "setup is preparing your computer for initial setup"

    If you have a windows disc you can try to use that to "repair" by booting to it

    Depending on your model of PC you may be able to repair using the recovery partition

    Usually your PC manufacturer will provide you with a set of OS disks for a moderate charge, if you want to go that route

    Providing your PC make and model may help us give you better advice
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