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    I need to monitor my temperatures to figure out if I need to upgrade some cooling. Never had a problem until recently. Installed new RipJaw ram which is infamous for putting out lots of heat. Never had any heat coming out of my 932 HAF's 200mm fan on the top until after I installed this ripjaw.

    Using Core Temp for CPU.

    Can't use GPU-Z - it has some issue with PB and causes a system grey screen, freeze, sound loop, and hard restart with BC2. This has happened twice, and ONLY while running GPU-Z. A quick google said that some people get this same crash when running GPU-Z and BC2...

    So I need a good GPU heat monitoring app. I have a Nvidia 460 Fermi 1GB btw...

    (All values are stock)

    (Also, don't know if my ram/FSB/whatever have sensors for heat)

    I don't think anything is overheating, but I want to be sure.

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    Re: Temp monitoring

    Have you tried HWMonitor?


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      Re: Temp monitoring

      I like HW monitor, but it is made by the same guy that makes GPU-z. So it may cause the similar issues with BC2. You could also use something like MSI afterburner, but I seem to recall it also causing issues with BC2.

      I guess you could try running something other than BC2 to see if your temps are getting too high in general.
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        Re: Temp monitoring

        Nvidia makes tools to monitor your temps. I think it adds features to your nvidia control panel.

        I'm using a widget on my second monitor called gpu observer. I can run two instances, one for each card in sli. It works with both nvidia and ati.

        MSI Afterburner was supposed to be pretty good. It can OC and display your temps in the system tray.

        Rivatuner can Log your temps, voltages and more with real temp.

        Also it can't hurt to have a temp gun, it's useful for lots of things. Oh and get a little fan for your ram.
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          Re: Temp monitoring

          I have used Real Temp 3.40 for almost a year now -- very good and free.


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            Re: Temp monitoring

            CoreTemp or Real Temp for CPU are both good. EVGA makes a free tool called evga precision which is good for monitoring GPU usage % and temps among other things. I don't remember any motherboards that track memory temps.

            As far as your RAM increasing the heat coming out of your PC: First thing I would check is what the DRAM voltage is set to in your BIOS. Older DDR3 memory required 1.65 V for the DRAM voltage while a lot of newer modules only need 1.5 v. Figure out whatever your new memory needs and make sure it is set properly in the BIOS.

            The other thing is that it could just be the warmer weather that's giving you the impression of your computer running hotter than it did before.
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              Re: Temp monitoring

              I'm in the basement - the ambient temperature has changed by only 2 degrees in the past few weeks.

              Will check voltage. I did when I installed the new ram, but will check again.

              You were right - it was set to 1.65v from older ram still.

              I'm really lucky here - most people would have cooked their ram by now. This goes to show that G.Skill is really quality - and that the heat spreader does its job.

              We'll see about temps in the future. I'm just really glad this was caught. I'm verrrry lucky.


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                Re: Temp monitoring

                nVidia's tool (mentioned above) would work for GPU monitoring. You can also install MSI's Afterburner OC utitlity that includes a customized version of RivaTuner with a taskbar icon that can display your GPU temps and framerates both on your desktop and in-game (you can choose the color and placement in settings).

                Personally, I use Afterburner since I have a AMD card, even though I don't need to monitor the temps since the Sapphire cooler is such a beast at keeping my card cool all the time.
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