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Any fan controller suggestions?

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  • Any fan controller suggestions?

    Recently, I've upgraded my RAM and added a 2nd GPU for crossfire, and my temps have understandably gone up. I'm looking to upgrade my case fans and found what I wanted, but I'm also looking to get a fan controller.

    Does anyone have experience with these and have any suggestions or recommendations?

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    Re: Any fan controller suggestions?

    I can recommend the two I use in my rigs:

    NZXT Sentry 2 - $25

    Touchscreen (resisitive with a aluminum encasing) and comes with adapters for 3-pin only fans as well as 4-pin molex fans. It's a mess of cable management though since those adapters are like 5" each making that backend a jumbo of cables. I'm using this in my LAN rig and there are sensor probes you can tape anywhere you want in your rig to give you kinda-accurate temp readings. By default, it beeps, but you can turn off the beep.

    Downside: The slowest your fans will go is "40%". If you go lower, the CP just shuts the fans down.

    Controls 5 fans.

    Zalman MFC-1 Plus-B - $40

    Analog knob controls and all aluminum (nice brushed pattern and nice solid feel). The first two are for PWM fans connected to your motherboard (CPU Fan, Chassis Fan, etc). No sounds and if you have a lot of 3-pin only fans, you might have to get additional adapter cables in you wanna daisy chain several to one control channel.

    Downsides: None I can think of. Maybe the LED lights that turn from blue to red (slow to fast)? I don't find them troubling at all since they aren't all that bright (think normal LEDs).

    Controls 4 fans unless you also have 1-2 PWM fans you want to also connect to the panel.

    I also have two other fan controllers, but I'll have to go through Newegg and see if they are sold anymore.
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