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  • Share Program Files over Network?

    Okay, so ive got a few computers on a network, and i maped a drive on my computer in my room to this computer located in the living room. Now im an admin on both computers, and im unable to access Program Files; Windows; and some User accounts. I want to be able to use my virus scanner to scan for viruses over the network, but since im unable to access these folders im unable to do a full scan.

    For some reason Sharing and Security is greyed out, and im unable to share it.

    Im using Windows XP pro sp2 on my computer and Windows XP home sp1 on the living room computer, and i was wondering if any of you had any fixes for this.

    Id also like some kind of software that i can get to moniter users on the living room computer. Make sure they're not downloading things there not supposed to. There's a 30 gig HHD in the living room computer and it was filled in the mater of a few weeks. Now i already talked to my sisters (Users of this computer) about who was downloading stuff, and somehow something downloaded over 20 gigs of crap...

    My dad uses alteris or something like that, and its pretty cool because he can monitor the desktop of the users while there loged in (With there consent of course). Id like somthing like this, because my sister, well, no one around here trusts her, and when shes online no one knows wat shes doing because were in our rooms/den.

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    Re: Share Program Files over Network?

    You need to manually install File and Printer sharing on windows XP2 (and probably xp1) before you can share anything on an internal network.
    To install:
    Start->My network places->View Network Connections->Right click on your Local area connection and select properties-> install service, select file and print sharing from the list.
    That will ungrey your sharing options in your folder properties etc.
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      Re: Share Program Files over Network?

      Ill try that later when im able to get on that computer, its being over runnned by girls.

      Im getting a error;
      Says i need a driver to install the service, and i dont know what driver, i have it setup on my computer in my room with XP Pro SP2, but the XP Home SP1 doesnt have the drivers needed, im going to update that computer to SP2 when im able to stay on it longer without getting hurrased by a couple of 14-year-olds.

      If only they weren't so sensitive id tell them how i really felt about them, but i dont want them to go off crying to there mommy's
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