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  • SSD, talk me out of it...

    First let me say my rig works GREAT. Core i7-920 that overclocks to anywhere I want up to 4.2GHz completely stable, GTX 580 (both CPU and GPU are watercooled, idle at 29C and 27C, and peak at 57C and 43C load respectively), WD 300GB VelociRaptorX for Win7 Ultimate 64bit, 2x 500GB WD RE3 series in RAID1 for storage of vital goods, 2TB Samsung F4 for non-vital goods and main HDD images and backups, 12GB DDR3 1600MHZ RAM C7, DVDRW 22x Optical drive, 25" HD 1080P LCD and a Creative SB Fatal1ty Champion sound card. Aside from the OS, the 300GB VeloRaptor has all my games and programs on it with 100GB still free.

    So, I have a $250 gift card for Newegg that wakes me up at night pleading to me that I spend it. Not going Sandybridge as I'd rather wait for IVY to do a major CPU/Motherboard/RAM upgrade.

    Brings me to the main buzz these days... an SSD. I could get a SATAIII (6GB/s) 120GB or 128GB SSD drive for @ $200-$300 US. I would only install on it: Win7 Pro 64bit, CS5, Vegas Studio, OpenOffice (no MS Office), Steam, BC2 with TS3 and other gaming apps and tools, and when it comes out... BF3. That's it! The SSD won't replace the 300GB VeloRaptor, instead I will dual boot the SSD and VeloRaptor to have two main drives with two seperate OS's. I've used dual boots for XP + Vista, XP+ Vista + Win7 RC1, XP + Win 7, and now just Win7 as I didn't need XP any longer. This way I can use the VeloRaptor for all my current games and programs, and just use the SSD for the few, yet more intensive imaging programs and one or two frostbite-engine based games.

    In this range I've narrowed it down to:

    Corsair Force 3 120GB: $220 (Edit: Now $210)
    Crucial M4 128GB: $230
    OCZ Vertex 3 120GB: $270
    Intel 520 120GB: $285
    OCZ Vertex 3 – MAX IOPS Edition: $310

    Here are the comparisons. (The Corsair F3 120GB had a recall last month, but the new ones are now in-stock, and it looks like they lowered the price to boost sales)

    Out of those which would you choose and why?

    Is an SSD worth a bit faster load times? The 10,00rpm V.Raptor already loads Win 7 and everything pretty darn quick, and I've never been behind anyone at map load-ins.

    Gameplay any better? (No ARMA games here)
    The GTX580 really plays everything great, will the SSD improve it?.

    Or, since BF3 doesn't come out until the Fall and my gaming activity usually drops during the summer, wait until just before BF3 is released and get the best SSD I can afford...?

    Yet another option, like Mr. Ostry, save it for a Gaming Laptop around $2,000 for future mobile gameplay...?

    Those are my Gift Card purchase ideas. Your thoughts?

    Thanks, Zip
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    Re: SSD, talk me out of it...

    I am going SSD in my next build and been bouncing around one which to get as well. Only settled on the fact that I need the 120 or 128gig version to get everything on it. OCZ is supposed to be the fastest but the least stable from what I have read. Stability is huge to me so I would rather go with the Crucial or Intel personally. I am holding off a bit longer though until I get this piece.
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      Re: SSD, talk me out of it...

      I recently went from a WD VelociRaptor 300GB x 2 RAID 0 setup (OS+apps) to an OCZ Vertex 3 240GB. After switching to the SSD, certain things felt a bit faster. Mainly some applications and games appeared to load a little bit faster. I definitely load maps in BC2 as fast as anyone else right now. Other things did not appear to change much, such as Windows 7 boot up. I suspect the upgrade was a subtle one because the VRaptors in RAID 0 were already much faster than a regular mechanical boot drive and also because my motherboard is limiting my SSD with a SATA 2 port. From what I've read, my SSD does gain quite a bit once it is attached to a SATA 3 interface.

      You definitely won't notice any improvements in-game during gameplay. I don't know many games that do a lot of loading from the disk during play.

      Still, I think spending your gift card on an SSD would be a good idea since there is really nothing else for you to upgrade lol. The only other thing I can think of is maybe buying a nicer headset or set of speakers if you don't already have something quality.

      As for SSD choices, I'm partial to OCZ Vertex 3 and Intel 510. Like others have mentioned, the Vertex 3 is the current speed king but it's reported failure rate is higher than some other companies. If you care about reliability more than anything else than I think Intel 510 is your only choice. It's still a fairly quick SSD and to me, in regards to SSD reliability, it's Intel and then it's everybody else.
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        When you buy a SSD, 100 babies die. There, hope that helped! :)

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          Re: SSD, talk me out of it...

          I have the OCZ Vertex 3 120GB.. I agree with Voodoo, some applications and games appeared to load a little bit faster.
          But in my laptop I run the hybrid drives, and I see the same there..

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            Re: SSD, talk me out of it...

            What about a 600G/B velociraptor instead? It is quite pricey on the site but may be cheaper else were.


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              Re: SSD, talk me out of it...

              Don't do it! Nooooo....!

              Seriously, it's not worth it. You're better off getting one of the Seagate Momentus XT hybrid drives (flash memory + platter hard disks). It's a much more worthy price per gigabyte than a SSD is while giving you some of the speed benefits of a SSD drive.

              Anyways, you're probably already sold yourself on getting a SSD and a few above probably pushed you further along to the store. That's my argument against SSDs right now. In fact, I'm hoping to RAID10 some Momentus XTs in my next build. Should be quite fast while offering me the ability to have a few TBs of storage without needing to donate an arm or a leg.
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