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Windows API to change for Windows 8

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  • Windows API to change for Windows 8

    I know EGG is gonna hate this, but Windows 8 is gonna go native C++ friendly.

    The first page of the article covers the tangled history of the APIs, and page two introduces the new stuff.

    Windows 8 will ship with a pair of runtimes; a new .NET runtime (currently version stamped 4.5), and a native code C++ runtime (technically, COM, or a derivative thereof), named WinRT. There will be a new native user interface library, DirectUI, that builds on top of the native Direct2D and DirectWrite APIs that were introduced with Windows 7. A new version of Silverlight, apparently codenamed Jupiter, will run on top of DirectUI. WinRT and DirectUI will both be directly accessible from .NET through built-in wrappers.
    (This came up on the wxWidgets mailing list, and the devs there seem pretty interested in this development.)
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