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Budget of 200$... SSD or RAM + HDD

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  • Budget of 200$... SSD or RAM + HDD

    I have a decent Quad Core at 2.6ghz, 2gb of lowly 600mhz ram, a nearly full 300gb HDD @ 7200 RPM (only 8-3 gigs free at any moment), and a 1GB GT460 Gfx card. (Windows Vista 32)

    Despite many many attempts I can't find a way to clear my HDD of needless things. Infact I actually don't know what takes up most of it. I have bought ArmaII but can not install due to lack of space and I feel that some of my gaming suffers due to such a full HDD. Came into some easy money this last week (about $700) and I'm willing to spend $200 of it as a self given early birthday present. So where should I put it?

    My options of RAM aren't too great, my MB is a bit old (4 or more years) and only offers up to 800-1000 mghz and a max of 8 GB (not important since I run 32). I've heard great things about SSDs and would really love to cut loading times of games down to nill but they are expensive for what they offer as well.

    The main draw to me of SSDs is the supposed benefit that it gives to ARMAII (though I've heard murmurs that a recent patch made ARMAII like RAM more) and of course the faster load times.

    I also would be fine in investing in a decent gaming mouse with DPI adjustments and more than 4 buttons.

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    Re: Budget of 200$... SSD or RAM + HDD

    I would do the memory, you said yourself that you don't know what's taking up space on the HD. Time to do some homework and find out then! It would be a waste to buy another HD because you need space.......when in all actuality all you really need to do is get into your existing HD and clean it out. The load times for SSD are better....but not enough to make me want one over a normal 7200 rpm HD, a few seconds on load times of a game is about what you would gain. Just my opinion but I would do 4 gigs of this

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      Re: Budget of 200$... SSD or RAM + HDD

      RAM + HDD (if you need it). Like Ven said, clear out the junk in your current HDD first. You might not need the extra space of a new drive. I would go with Windows 7 64-bit as well so you can make full use of your new 4 GBs of RAM.

      Something that is often not mentioned when it comes to SSDs: they don't last long. In fact they wear out usually in about 2 years. Given the cost of one, that is a very expensive replacement.
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        Re: Budget of 200$... SSD or RAM + HDD

        I agree with Ven, you should get a 4GB memory kit. For the rest of your budget I would recommend getting a 1TB hard drive. Something like this:

        This hard drive plus the memory Ven recommended would only come out to $125.
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          Re: Budget of 200$... SSD or RAM + HDD

          Yt, SSD will make a major difference for Arma but you could use a few upgrades here and there. More RAM will help in all aspects of your day to day use as 2GB of slow RAM will hold you back.

          As regards your current HDD, you can check your file sizes with this program (I use it)

          If you were in the market for a new HDD you can pick up a 1TB Samsung Spinpoint for about 40-50 over here so it wouldn't be much more expensive in the US. Despite the competitive price that drive is widely regarded as one of the best HDD's out there for games etc. I have one as my main Data drive and non-SSD games, used to be my main/boot drive till I got the SSD and I was very happy with the speed and performance.

          At this stage, with that budget, I would personally consider the RAM and a bigger HDD your priority. You would have change out of $200 I think and could put that towards a future SSD purchase or a new MOBO for a fresh build in which you recycle some of your existing components.

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            Re: Budget of 200$... SSD or RAM + HDD

            Near unanimous advice is hard to ignore. Thanks for showing me some products and that RAM/Gaming Mouse which is crazy cheap considering what I was looking at the stores.

            The Directory Size program is slick and I have no idea why such a program isn't a feautre of an OS :S.

            Steam has happened to be one of the worse cuplrits clocking at 150GBs. Dragon Age Origins, GTA IV, and Left For Dead 2 all take up 10-15+GBs. Appearantly multiple steam accounts have made my TF2 files a collective 9GBs as well.

            I'll be clearing up space but whats the point of impulse buying on steam if I can't play my many games. I feel kinda bad with GTAIV and Dragon Age cause I have yet to finish either. So yes new HDD does infact sound good.
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              Re: Budget of 200$... SSD or RAM + HDD

              What about getting 2 more Gig of memory AND the SSD ?
              Sure matching sticks of RAM are nice, but not required. Just shoot for the same specs/timings.
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                Re: Budget of 200$... SSD or RAM + HDD

                You can back up your save games on Steam and uninstall the 'actual game' to make room if your desperate. Ideally find a seperate place to put your save games and then do the uninstall until you get a new, more spacious drive, then reinstall the large games on that and pick up where you left off. Apologies if you are well aware of this.


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                  Re: Budget of 200$... SSD or RAM + HDD

                  cc cleaner is a very popular program 20M + downloads and is great for clearing some free space on hard drives


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                    Re: Budget of 200$... SSD or RAM + HDD

                    Download smart defrag from IOBIT. Its a great defraging/optimizing tool. It just cleared out like 12 gigs from my HD.




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