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Really slow transfer rates between drives

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  • Really slow transfer rates between drives

    I recently got a terabyte HDD from Seagate @ 7200 RPM with a 32mb cache.

    My hope is to move my Steam and games over to this [120GB!], but when moving my Steam directory over (attempting to avoid downloading again) the transfer rate is approximately 300-200kb/s! Transferring a smaller amount [14gb] yielded a rate of about 15-30mb/s.

    I do know that previous attempts at defraging my older HDD have never been completed despite 8-12+ hours... but this seems ridiculous... any potential problems going on here?

    [When I take it peicemeal it seems to transfer faster]
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    Re: Really slow transfer rates between drives

    I would download HD Tune, snip the results you get and put em up so it will give me a better idea on what's going on. Also, could you give the model of the hard drive?


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      Re: Really slow transfer rates between drives

      How big is your old hard drive and how much free space does it have? When you defrag a hard drive, you really want to have at least 20% of the space free so that the defrag program has room to move files around. Those insanely long defrag times are usually the result of trying to defrag a hard drive that is basically full.
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        Re: Really slow transfer rates between drives

        It's going slowly probably because of the fragmentation of your files (meaning the head has to go back and forth between various sectors very quickly), the files it's moving first are the smaller files (prioritization by size), and/or you have something else being written or copied to/from on one or both of the drives (simultaneous transfers).

        To add to Voodoo's post, I believe Windows mandates at least 15 GBs of free space for any hard drive to be able to defrag using the built-in Windows defrag tool. Typically most recommend 20% since it often speeds up the defrag the more space you have especially on higher density disks to allow for quicker reordering of files.
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