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  • EUCLIDEON and Unlimited Detail

    During one of my surfing-the-web-aimlessly sessions, I found the following video:

    Originally posted by Euclideon's Website
    Most 3D technology is created for computer games using angular polygons. Euclideon has developed what may prove to be a ground-breaking advance in 3D technology by creating a search algorithm that will result in 3D images with vastly higher geometry while saving costs and offering greater portability between platforms. It will have benefits for architecture, games, mining, the sciences and many other industries.
    After watching the video, I find myself having trouble believing that Euclideon's "Unlimited Detail" software is able to achieve that level of detail while rendering in software mode. (Granted, I am a card carrying Skeptic and programming 3d games boggles my mind) Has anyone else heard of this company or their technology?

    Link to Euclideon's YouTube Channel (2 videos are listed but, I think they are the same)
    Link to Euclideon's website


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    Re: EUCLIDEON and Unlimited Detail

    Until we get our hands on a demo or the product itself, it's hard to say. I'm also very skeptical about this tech and how it's going to be more efficient than current polygon graphics when computing power dramatically increases with more detail.

    In the "close up" video areas, it's hard to say that it is real geometry or just very deep (perceptually deeper) bump mapping. There just enough enough technical details about how everything is rendered to say if it's real or half bull.

    Something important to keep in mind. Nothing on that island seems to inhibit any motion or dynamics. Meaning, it's static lighting, static water (however they did water), and static objects. Nothing moves and obviously shadows only have a few shades (which they are supposedly remedying).

    However, I'm intrigued. Basically it's a wet dream for level designers and 3D artists. (I could finally create a very detailed photo-realistic level/environment without all the little extras I have to mess with if this tech is what it promises to be. I don't have to worry about a potential gamer not being able to play the level because of low framerates.)
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