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  • Steam Game mover tool

    Hey, do you have Steam installed on a rapidly filling C drive?

    Perhaps you installed Steam to your SSD along with your OS.

    Are you tired of only having one or two Steam titles to choose from before having to unistall one and re download another?

    Does the fact that you can't easily install Steam purchased games to a drive other than the one hosting the Steam app p#ss you off? Does that drive you mad, red in the face, spraying spittle at your monitor screaming "Why for the love of God not, it's not medieval times, wth".

    Have you had about zero luck getting symbolic links to work, despite trying really, really hard.

    Well have no fear, I have the program for you.

    Stefan Jones Steam Tool Library Manager!

    Simply install, identify the Steam game you want to move, identify the target drive and create a folder and press the button. This handy doohickey will then copy the files across, create an MK link and delete the files in your normal steam apps game folder, thus freeing up space. Steam will continue to update the files in the normal way. If you ever want to move them back, well it can do that to. No mess, no fuss, no one gets punched, no toys get broken.

    Reviews have said

    "Quite simply my software find of the month. A double thumbs up from Wicks!"

    Ok that was me, I used it all yesterday and had no problems. I smiled. That is rare.


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    Re: Steam Game mover tool

    Very nice find, thanks Wicks :D


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      Re: Steam Game mover tool

      So this is like Sym-linking, without having to type the command? If so, that's awesome. My deal is, I've got Steam on my 1TB Samsung F3 drive filled with 200GB of games, and I actually would like to move games over to my OS/SSD drive, just for performance sakes. Sym-linking isn't to hard, but if this makes it easier, I'm game.


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        Re: Steam Game mover tool

        Nice find, I'm going to use this to move my primary game to the SSD.
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          Re: Steam Game mover tool

          This is awesome. I've just been killing app files in my Steam library rather than deal with the whole split-drive mess. It's not so much that symlinks are hard, it's that I didn't want to have to figure out Steam's data directory structure :)

          No excuse now.

          I should mention, Wicks, that I'll be holding you responsible for my drastically reduced productivity.

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            Re: Steam Game mover tool

            Awesome Wicks. :) I'm going to save for a future upgrade/build.
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