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JPEGmini downsizes images without sacrificing quality

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  • JPEGmini downsizes images without sacrificing quality

    Had some time to kill at lunch today and one of the tech sites I can actually access through the firewall had a very interesting article about a program I haven't heard of:

    Link: JPEGmini downsizes images without sacrificing quality

    When you click through to the JPEGmini website, the main picture has a slider showing you it can shrink an image and it still look good. Well, at my high rez, I couldn't tell a difference at all, so I downloaded the full size, unzipped, and then clicked back and forth between the 2. Even full screen, I couldn't tell a difference on my monitor. The article does mention folks that do web work will find the program very useful.

    Only downside I see is it looks to be web based instead of a downloadable program, and you can try it out easily, but to get unlimited you have to sign up for a free account. You can sign in with facebook and gmail, and opt out of their newsletter. I skimmed though the terms of service and didn't see anything unusual, so if anyone else catches anything, please post.

    Pretty cool program though...................................


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    Re: JPEGmini downsizes images without sacrificing quality

    That is interesting. Looks to be a very efficient case-by-case compression algorithm for JPEGs. I zoomed in on the cruise liner ship test image in Photoshop and as far as I can tell, both images have the same level of detail but vastly difference filesizes. Interestingly, according to Windows, the larger file has a higher compression ration while the JPEGmini has a lower ration (1% vs. 2%).
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